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nickpman 06-30-2003 4:37 PM

Hi I am thinking of purchasing an X2. Does anyone know what the factory ballast weight is because I havent found it anywhere. Also, is the X2 the best wake that mastercraft makes besides the X star? Thanks for the help

3puttwilson 06-30-2003 5:30 PM

The front ballast is 400 lbs and the rear tanks are I believe 250 lbs each. I replaced the hard tanks with 550 lb fat sacs and that works great. <BR>As far as wakes go the x2 is the original xstar and I love the wake. I haven't heard a lot of comparisons between the x2 and new xstar wake other than the shape of the new x is more of a ramp shape. I would say as far as straight up wakeboarding the x2 is #1. Until I ride behind a new Xstar anyway... <BR>Any other questions feel free to email me. I have about 35 hours on my x2 and love it.

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