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sdboardr99 06-30-2003 2:36 PM

While in Portland for the Pro Tour stop I saw these luxury floating houses on the Columbia River. Pretty cool to just be able to drive your boat right into the garage! <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/72872.jpg" alt="Columbia River driveway">

tommyadrian5 06-30-2003 2:43 PM

I'm so jealous, i bet there are grocery and liqour stores right on the water too right?

oldschool 06-30-2003 2:54 PM

I wonder is the big wakes cause damage to these homes? <BR> <BR>I would love to have one though! Just about 2 feet higher off the water.

thowell 06-30-2003 3:18 PM

No thanks. My boat isn't really set up to hold the garage door opener (no sun visor :-).

wakeworld 06-30-2003 3:36 PM

Are they really floating or are they on big pillars? I can't imagine what it would take to get that much weight to float! Those are pretty crazy looking!

bigjackamo 06-30-2003 3:37 PM

I love it because mowing the grass is a snap, leaves more time for wakeboarding!

egress 06-30-2003 5:16 PM

Yeah... but you have to live in Portland.

garyfranc 07-01-2003 12:53 AM

They actually are floating. They are fastened to tall posts they can move up and down on. The rivers here can vary more than 30 ft in water level in a relativly normal year. <BR>Though our wakeboarding season is too short, Portland is otherwise a great place to live.

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