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helix_rider 06-30-2003 7:10 AM

I know this is a weak question, but I'm tired of getting enemas... <BR> <BR>My TS 180s are pretty smooth and I land them 90+% of the time, my HS 180s are awful and I either: <BR> <BR>1) slip out when I land and get the aforementioned enema <BR>-or- <BR>2) end up leaning too far forward and I actually think my bindings start catching the water. <BR> <BR>Am I supposed to stomp the landing like snowboarding and then edge to toeside, or am I supposed to actually land toeside?

06-30-2003 7:53 AM

Loren, same thing here for about a week until I realized I needed to start over learning them. I'm assuming you're talking W2W HS 180s. I did the following to make sure I had the right body position prior to taking them big... <BR> <BR>1. I'm guessing your jumping normal and landing switch. Whatever the case, make sure you're very comfortable riding switch edging both TS and HS. This is key! <BR>2. Practice your HS 180s on an inside out one wake jump (maybe even slow the speed down if you're still having trouble) <BR>3. Then try the HS 180s outside in on a normal one wake jump (take them slow and easy) <BR>4. If you're comfortable with those two, it's just a matter of edging harder on your way in to take it big (W2W and grabs). The body position and landings are identical. <BR> <BR>In a few words.. Go back and start small. Go bigger as your comfort level and form allows. <BR> <BR>Good luck... <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wakingup on June 30, 2003)

tantrum999 06-30-2003 2:33 PM

hmmm. if your doing wake to wake then stick to it. The main problem when i am teaching people this trick is They edge too hard! when edging too hard the handle gets pulled towards the boat too soon and of course you are turnung away from the boat on a heelside 180. Aim to go straight up with minimal speed almost. Spin the last part quite late and make sure you turn the board completely away!!! you wont go far as the boat will pull you back in. DO NOT look at your landing point or you will land with water going where the sun dont shine. Personally i spot the water about 20 feet behind my landing point and this makes me get full rotation. Some people with problems i have made them slap the board and then do the 180, this has forced them to spin it late. <BR> <BR>Good luck and COMMIT yourself to a full 180 and not a 120.

tantrum999 06-30-2003 2:42 PM

Keep the handle in and low. point it downwards behind your front hip as you land. This will also help keep the weight on your toes. Practice it on the ground with a handle tied to a tree Rotate you head and shoulders the full 180. COMMIT!

helix_rider 07-03-2003 6:46 AM

Andrew, you are the man! I went out last night, fell on my first two attempts trying to remember not to look at the water etc. etc. like you said...it did nothing. Then, I remembered your comment about pointing the handle down. I then proceeded to nail 8 clean 180s in a row and never fell, just smooth as butter. Thanks so much, I'll be sure to look you up when I have trouble with the next trick I try <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by helix_rider on July 03, 2003)

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