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n00b 08-20-2009 4:29 AM

Hey I've got a Sea Doo gtx wake edition, 155 hp. and I'm having difficulty getting up on my skate. <BR>I can get up behind a boat no problem and I can get up behind the ski on a wakeboard no problem. <BR> <BR>Can anyone give me any tips? <BR>We idle the ski forward until the line is tight and when the rider shouts go, then the driver guns it so to speak. <BR> <BR>All that happens is that we get dragged through the water, it's as though the ski does not have enough power. But I'm sure we are doing something wrong. <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.

wakemitch 08-20-2009 12:13 PM

keep the skate under your feet under water and balance on top of it. it makes it way easier on skis or winches to pull people up

cdhayes2 08-20-2009 1:44 PM

For sure.. Well put.. That thing should have PLENTY of power.. I started wakeskating behind a Yamaha XL700.. and hooked to the tow ring.. no pylon.. and Only 80hp but I'm about 5'7"ish and around 140lbs.. so ya.. good luck... You are hooking on the pylon right??

lfrider92 08-20-2009 5:36 PM

agreed with mitch, i used to be a floater, he went to the lake with us, told me what i should be doing. it took me a few times to figure it out. but after you figure it out. its way easier. i was able to get up with my winch on a wooden skate in my pool in only about 20 feet. adn that was with no tav and a speed sprocket. not a torque one

n00b 08-21-2009 1:30 AM

Thanks guy, really appreciate your input. <BR>When you saw keep the skate under your feet do you mean like a pro start on a wakeboard?

lfrider92 08-21-2009 8:29 AM

yep, its like your sitting in a chair, the only thing visible out of the water is from your chest up. you curl up and put the board under you feet. i got it first try on a wakeboard. but on a skate it took me half a dozen or so trys. for me i had to find the right angle to keep my feet. i didnt have enough the first times and it came right out from under my feet and ended up behind me. but once you get it, youll never go back

eviltweak 08-21-2009 5:48 PM

How i leaned to get up like that was gradually start putting the board farther and farther under the water at the time i was more comfortable laying out wit the board and my feet under the water infront of me then i sucked up into a cannon ball under the water so my knees and chest were out of the water then i went to like a pro wakeboard start

wakeboardnut 08-22-2009 2:16 PM

ive never tried the under my feet start but maybe i will tomorrow. <BR> <BR>as for getting up in the floating position behind a 155hp seadoo wake, i have one and get up no problems behind it, my only preference is that the driver is slightly gradual with the speed instead of hammering it.

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