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wake2wake103 08-19-2009 8:54 PM

Hey I am trying to get any pointers I can. I feel close. I know I have a holding on to the handle problem. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjWK4HZm_HQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjWK4HZm_HQ</a>

mbsteez 08-20-2009 7:01 AM

You are close. In the vid your hardest edge is just before you get into the foam. You want your hardest edge right at the bottom of the wake and up the wake. If you load the line right and stand tall off the top you'll feel the roll snap around, all you have to do is put your left ear to your left shoulder and look up to the right. And HANG ON!

ummcarter 08-20-2009 11:15 AM

I seem to have the same problem of holding on to the handle. There is a point where it seems to yank on my grip really hard at the end of my rotation. I've tried this probably 100 times, i have held on to the rope once but land it probably half the time and just ride away without the rope. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/video/video.php?v=224718145222&amp;subj=1715959915" target="_blank">http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/video/video.php?v=224718145222&amp;subj=1715959915</a>

geoff_isringhausen 08-20-2009 11:35 AM

You're really not that close. first either get a bigger board or loose 50-60 pounds. Keep the handle in a little bit closer to your body leading the roll with your head. When you spot the water, let the handle out to stop your rotation and you will stomp it. (Not you probably but that what you do)

jsw 08-20-2009 3:47 PM

dan all your weight is too far back. the reason you are falling out the back is because of how leaned against the line you are on takeoff. the way you land is the way you takeoff. try a more mellow approach where you start a slow cut and edge all the way up the wake until it snaps you up into the backroll. this trick is all about egde control. the trick almost does itself if you are in the right position. hope this helps.

mbsteez 08-21-2009 9:13 AM

geoff woke up on the wrong side of the bed i think.

wake2wake103 08-22-2009 3:24 PM

Thanks guys. Yeah geoff you are right. I am in school and cant really afford a new board right now and losing weight is always great. However I tend to break the rules when it comes to expectations. I will stomp that trick and at the end of the day you just come across as an arrogant fool who is high on himself. Who wants to ride with a person like that? <BR>Once again thanks to all those who helped. I will keep trying.

troutpac 09-28-2009 7:10 PM

Nice work Dan- And whos the metro sexual looking at male body types. Watch out if you lose weight Dan he might want to snuggle.

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