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burban89 08-19-2009 11:42 AM

First off i do not really have a way to demo so that is why I am seeking help here. <BR> <BR>I am 6'4" and hover around 230lbs. I am starting to work on grabs and trying to get more pop. <BR> <BR>I have bought and tried the following. <BR> <BR>06 Sol <BR>04 Tripp 143 <BR>05 Valhalla 143 <BR>08 Murray 145 <BR> <BR>I sold the Sol so i do not have it any more. I did get to ride the Murray 140 when it was being mailed around and I really loved it. I got a 145 (w/ CT)due to my size and just me thinking it would be better and it doesnt seem to pop me much at all. <BR> <BR>The Tripp out of all of these has progressed me more then anything and that is what I am currently riding, with Zeus bindings. <BR> <BR>Do i need to be on the biggest board out there? Is it possible that I am doing better on tripp because it is smaller? <BR> <BR>Would a flex board help a bigger guy get more pop? I edge good from what my friend says and I am standing tall. I am just trying to find a board that can help me get more pop. I am also working on the basics edging, standing tall, and handle positions to help also. <BR> <BR>Thanks if you can help me lol! Sorry if i lost you in my train of thought above also!

sidekicknicholas 08-19-2009 1:01 PM

If you want to try a slingshot response they make a 145... and if you can control the flex being bigger will make it better... the more weight you add the more you can increase the rocker e.i. more pop, if you can demo one try it out, take 3 or so sets and you should see that flex is money. <BR> <BR>I'm not as big but like 6' +/- and like 200 lbs and the 142 recoiil is perfect for me

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