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ponchevez 06-27-2003 1:21 PM

<BR>Are crashes on wakeskates worst than wakeboards? does it hurt more? <BR> <BR>Is it harder to wakeskate than wakebording?

board_boy 06-27-2003 3:48 PM

wakeskate crashes only hurt when you land on the board, other than that they are fun. IMO wakeskating is easy as long as you can wakeboard pretty good.

mxracer 06-27-2003 6:21 PM

I'm not really good on a wakeboard yet but i had a blast wakeskating. Landing on the board hurts but not as bad as you would think. I got up my first try wakeskating and its almost as easy turning but jumping is a LOT harder.

masonwakerider 06-28-2003 1:50 PM

The crashes look worse because you usaly are in an okward posistion when you fall but they don't hurt nearly as much, mainly because with out the board straped to your feet your bodu doesnt get worked by the water so much.

shmude 06-29-2003 8:20 PM

I just messed up my knee the first day i got my new wakeskate. I found that i tried to keep my feet on the board even though i knew i was going to crash and that tweeked my knee to the inside. Hopefully nothing serious but if you know your going down, get off of the board.

warlock00 06-30-2003 8:11 AM

the crashes dont hurt to bad until you start taking jumps out into the flats and eating it....Also when one foot comes off the board and you do the splits, that does not feel real good...but all in all the skate is a lot easier on you than a wakeboard. <BR> <BR> <BR>

malibususpect 07-06-2003 9:17 PM

a typical fall doesnt hurt but just this week i tweaked my knee really bad because one leg was on while the other was off and the day before that i fell forward and the board hit me in the head just an inch away from my temple but overall the crashes dont really hurt

bassboy8855 07-06-2003 9:26 PM

so what your saying is... if you usualy dont wear a helmet wakeBOARDING... then you should wear a helmet wakeSKATEING... well, maby thats not what your trying to say, but thats the way I took it, and that right there is some damn good advice. Thanks!

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