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calpolymustang 06-27-2003 12:06 PM

I just bought a set of Deafcon III's trying to figure out the best way to set up the stereo with what I already have. I have the set of Deafcon III's, a punch 800 2 channel amp, an eclipse 10" sub and the stock stereo in the boat(2002 Wakesetter VLX). Right now I am thinking of doing the the deafcons and stock stereo and on the punch 800 and buying another amp for the sub. What does everybody think? If buy another amp for the sub, what should I get? I don't know a whole lot about stereo's so you help is apprecitated

damnation 06-27-2003 2:23 PM

Can the Deafcon's handle that much power? I would use the 800 for the sub and a smaller amp for the tower speakers.

tigeal 06-27-2003 2:47 PM

Dave has a good point there. find out how much power the deafcons will take the size the amp accordingly. My vlx I have a pg500.4 running the 4 infinity speakers then another pg500.4 running 4 titan/kicker tower speakers and a pg400.2 running the subs. You could combine the cabin/cockpit speakers with the deafcons on one amp if wanted but would not be the best in my opinion.

calpolymustang 06-27-2003 3:49 PM

Alan, what are the disadvantages to doing the deafcons and cabin/cockpit speakers on one amp? If I did run it that way would I be able to fade the music between the deafcons and the cabin, kind of fading from top to bottom instead of front to back? Dave has a good point that the 800 may be to much for the deafcons, but if I run the cabin speakers off it too, is it still likely to much power? Any advantages of running the deafcons and the sub off the amp and leaving the cabin speakers alone? Thanks!

tigeal 06-27-2003 4:59 PM

Running six speakers of a 2 chanel amp will limit your control to fade for sure. running the tower and subs together is not an option because you need to send mono lows to the subs and stereo full range to the tower and you can't do that with 2 channels. <BR>The advantage to having an amp for each set of speakers is the ability to send the correct signal range for each speaker pair. <BR>you for sure want to be able to control the volume on your tower speakers because there will be times when you may not want to have them at the same volume as the cabin. as far as leaving the cabin speaks alone that is an option but they will not sound nearly as good without the amp but you can always upgrade later I guess.

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