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waterdork88 08-16-2009 11:49 PM

I just started thinking about the massive gaps ... and I started thinking about which would be my favorite ones to watch. So here is my list of favorites (that I can currently think of) go ahead and post yours. And the gap can be any combination of wakes, ramps, sliders or whatever. <BR> <BR>1. Keith Lymans wake to rail gap <BR>2. Randall Harris' frontflip over 4 wakes and still into the flats <BR>3. JD Webb's fountain gap <BR>4. Murray's through a tree blind judge <BR>5. Lidberg's land gap at the end of his section in Transgression

wakerider111 08-17-2009 12:06 AM

I'll add (no particular order) <BR> <BR>*watsons jetboat topped with a rail hit (Out of the pond)... ahh heck, pretty much everything in 'out of the pond' <BR>*byerly's lake powell ollie out of the natural bowl, especially with the added trash can... though not massive in distance it was massive in style and proggression, even still today (Spray... right?) <BR>*and the original land gap that byerly and a few of the other guys hit in (Switch) i just love the quote from the cop. cracks me up every time

radikal 08-17-2009 3:06 PM

everyone that can make a Raley over another boat tower is pretty spectacular IMO.

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