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xxxlair 06-27-2003 7:40 AM

Can somebody recommend a good 2 channel amp? I am just using it to probably run my 12" sub in my truck, but might want to use it to power tower speakers in the future. I figure for $150 I can get something decent.

typhoon 06-27-2003 7:44 AM

i would look at hifonics for a two channel on ebay. priced right. depending on your sub rms i would look at the jbl bp300.1. 300 watt amp for about 185.00 on ebay. it is a monoi sub amp and very highly rated.

damnation 06-27-2003 8:49 AM

Crunch NOXX P200.2 on <a href="http://www.sounddomain.com" target="_blank">www.sounddomain.com</a> for $118 I think. They have awesome deals on amps and ship almost immediately. Check em out! The best deal I have seen there has to be the Pioneer TS-A6990R 6x9's for $89.95. Any other place I have found is asking between $129.95 - $149.95. I have a pair on my desk right now that are going in my tower boxes tonight. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

rkg 06-27-2003 9:20 AM

Think I paid $140 for my Fosgate 350 S. Check Etronics for the prices

ralph 06-27-2003 12:11 PM

Dave, Etronics do the TS-A6990R's for a smokin price. I was looking at using crunch amps too but I selected the V-4300 series. Do you know what the diference is besides being 4 channel?

srh00z 06-27-2003 12:46 PM

You should go to ebay and look at Profile amps. I just ordered a 4 channel. They make some pretty decent mono and 2 channel amps for good deals too.

damnation 06-27-2003 1:20 PM

Darren, to be honest, I don't have a clue what the difference is. I couldn't really tell from their website. <BR> <BR>I went with the Crunch amp b/c they sound pretty darn good for the money and they are inexpensive to replace (after all, they are in a boat).

xxxlair 06-27-2003 3:13 PM

Hey thanks guys. I appreciate all the help. I will check on your recommendations.

damnation 07-01-2003 9:54 AM

Man! You guys weren't kidding about Etronics! I just checked some prices and I don't know how they can even sell that cheap!

slipknot 07-08-2003 8:08 AM

I also purchased from Etronics I got 2 pair of the Clarion 6 1/2's for 150. I think Overtons has 1 pair for 150, if that says anything. My neighbor got 3 pair. Etronics has excellent customer service as well.

captainfreedom 07-08-2003 8:13 AM

Hifonics on ebay for sure.

typhoon 07-08-2003 8:16 AM

i second the hifonics...

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