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jeff_mn 08-14-2009 1:37 PM

Let's get a Minneapolis "crew" together for the rest of the season. Maybe we can get out on weekends or late night week days. My boat is in Lakeville on Lake Marion (02 Outback w/ tower)and I live in South Minneapolis on Nokomis. I can/will drive. Let's get a WW team of guys together. Even if it's just some beer drinking on a blown out Saturday afternoon somewhere. There are a hundred lakes in the Metro area - there has gotta be a group of 10-20 guys that we can make a regular riding/partying crew.. <BR> <BR>I'm in.

will5150 08-18-2009 1:33 PM

Jeff- What color's your Moomba? I board with a buddy on Marion (08 Supra 22ssv) out there from time to time. His name is Seth and you guys should touch bases. Also another guy Jay down there too. I live in Eden Prairie and ride on Riley every week. Maybe a meet up on Prior would be good??

jeff_mn 08-19-2009 7:16 AM

Hey Will - I know Seth. We keep trying to link up to get a session together. I've got a blue Outback and I'm on the north side of the lake on a penninsula. We were just out on Prior on Monday all day. Great day on the water. If you need a third - e mail me. I'm recovering from a broken toe from jiu jitsu but try to get out on the water as much as possible, even if it's just to drink a beer. jeffwadholm at yahoo dot com if you're ever looking for another guy for your crew. Getting out on Prior would be good. Can still find water on a day when there is traffic. Marion is blown out a lot since its big/open and the bay side is too shallow to ride safely. Especially in Seths boat. He said he ate up some rocks in the channel a few weeks ago but this was before the rain. The lake is up almost a foot since then.

will5150 08-20-2009 8:41 AM

Hey Jeff- Cool i'll put you on the list. I was thinking maybe you were the guy Seth mentioned he was trying to link up with. I may ride Sunday AM if you're up for it. My E-mail's in my profile-I'll shoot you a message so you have it.

jeff_mn 08-20-2009 9:17 AM

Got your e mail and responded. I'm laid up with a bum toe but I'm down to get out if you need a third or just want some extra fat ballast.. I live right off 62 in South Minneapolis so I can be your way in a minute.. Be in touch on the e mail.. <BR> <BR>There has got to be more Metro area guys that want to get out.

lil_braswell 08-20-2009 10:28 AM

I think I know most of the WW guys, but I just moved back from AZ and am down to ride anywhere and anytime so put me on the list. <BR> <BR>I am finally getting the hang of my new job so I should have some more free time. No boat, but gas money and a few cold ones. Hit me up if anyone is going out. Will, I am in for Sunday AM for sure.

jeff_mn 08-20-2009 12:53 PM

Welcome back Ryan. <BR> <BR>We're doing a beer drinking day on Marion on Saturday if you want to come out. It will be blown out with tubers but if you want to float around drink some adult beverages - we're heading down around noon. You guys know how to get a hold of me. I'll try to come out Sunday am as well. I'll be in touch Will. <BR> <BR>Ryan - where are you living?

lil_braswell 08-20-2009 1:57 PM

I will get back to you on Sat. I might have some friends in town. I am living downtown, but work in golden valley. I have been out on Marion with Seth a couple times so I think I know most of the lakes in the area. Keep in touch.

jeff_mn 08-20-2009 2:18 PM

We live in South Minneapolis and are heading out from there. If Saturday doesn't work, we'll try to hook up Sunday morning and if not - we've still got another month of decent temps before the storage process starts.

snowslider76 08-23-2009 4:19 PM

Jeff, <BR> <BR>I sent you an email, I def want to be part of this!! I recently lost most of my crew so I have a full gas tank in my boat and no drivers. I blame the economy ha ha. <BR> <BR>If anybody wants to ride anytime hit me up, I'm in the Northwest Metro.

rourker 08-25-2009 1:50 PM

Jason- You up for riding tonight in Lakeville at 6pm? Will &amp; Jeff are out for tonight. Ryan and I are looking for 3rd. We're riding either way but would like a 3rd rotation

jeff_mn 08-25-2009 5:08 PM

Sorry Bros. I came down with the NASTY flu. I've been bed/bathroom ridden for a couple of days.. I'll get out as this week.

jeff_mn 08-26-2009 9:02 AM

Anyone need a third tonight? I'm feeling better and would like to get out on the water. I tried to ride on Saturday and my toe is DEFINATELY not ready. I took two shorter sets in and my toe is still sore. I'll find out how sore it really is tomorrow at BJJ.. <BR> <BR>Anyone goin out tonight?

jeff_mn 08-26-2009 10:28 AM

See ya tonight Jason.

jeff_mn 08-27-2009 6:02 AM

Rode with Jason last night up in Maple Grove. Super guy. We rode his buddies Outback with about 1800 in ballast. Had a couple nice sets although we were fighting for water with a couple other wakeboats. Great night on the water, dope guys. Look forward to riding with you guys again. <BR> <BR>What's the plan for the weekend everyone? I'm booked up Friday night and Saturday morning. I heard some rumblings about a Sunday session. Supposed to be FROSTY cold - high of 60. I'm without ballast in my boat but have no problem pulling. Jason mentioned he'd like to come down and skate it. You getting out Sunday Seth? <BR> <BR>How about the Eden Prairie crew? You guys got any weekend riding plans?

snowslider76 08-27-2009 11:11 AM

Jeff, <BR>Thanks for coming out last night! I def want to be in for Sunday if people ride, it's my bday so I'll probably have to eat some cake at some point but I can work around that. <BR> <BR>I want to ride Friday if anybody is in, I have nothing lined up and could use a 2nd/3rd/4th. Anybody wants in let me know. <BR> <BR>We have room for one more in MG tonight.

jeff_mn 08-27-2009 11:15 AM

I'd be in for Friday but I have a golf deal for work I can't miss. <BR> <BR>Turns out I can do an early session on Satuday - I don't have to be where I'm going til 12-1. If someone wants a pull on Marion or needs a third - I'm in. <BR> <BR> <BR>We'll celebrate your old man'ness on Sunday on the water Jason. I'm fighting the urge to skip mowing my yard and jiu jitsu to come out with y'all again.

rourker 08-30-2009 11:12 AM

I might be up for riding tonight. What's the current plan? Could be brisk. I'd be up for getting my boat out if we have a crew of 3 or 4 or are you guys riding in Maple Grove?

brycejb328 08-30-2009 3:00 PM

I'm pretty new at boarding, but live in apple valley, usually do marion or prior on the seadoo's. <BR> <BR>by new I mean I just started doing some surface 180's and riding switch... been trying to go wake to wake... but havent had much for a legit pull... and when i try go wake to wake behind the seadoo i slow it down to much when i try to cut hard towards the wake. it sucks!!

jeff_mn 08-31-2009 4:45 AM

Seth man - sorry that I missed you. I was salty as hell. My wife and I bbq'd and then we were sitting on the deck at 5:30 like "what should we do" and we actually contemplated coming down to Marion and just taking a cruise around the lake. Then we rented a movie, headed to the basement and I got your text. I was bummed. Give me an extra 10 minute heads up next time and I'm for SURE in.. <BR> <BR> <BR>Bryce - you're welcome out on my boat anytime. I'm on Marion and we get out on the weekends and weeknights. Keep you f'ing SeaDoo off my lake unless it's Saturday from 12-5! ;-) Just playin. Next time we go out to ride, we'll let you know.

brycejb328 08-31-2009 5:50 AM

ha ha... To be honest during the times i've been on either prior or marion I've only seen one person boarding and it was later in the day, and i was just about to head out. <BR> <BR>But I just had my girlfriend pull me on my RXP lastnight on Crystal. I've been using the seadoo for learning... so there not all bad.. ha ha.

jeff_mn 09-01-2009 5:01 AM

Absolute BUTTER on Marion last night. Not a boat on the water from 6:30-8:00. We skied and kneeboarded. Nice to have a crossover when you're running along making cuts at 33mph.

jeff_mn 09-02-2009 9:45 AM

We're riding Marion tonight at 5:30 if anyone is interested. Jason, Bryce and maybe Ryan so far. If you're in MPLS and want to get out - give a call/text.

snowslider76 09-04-2009 9:06 PM

Seth, thanks for the pull today. Can't wait to get behind your boat again that thing is SIC!!

jeff_mn 09-08-2009 12:17 PM

Good weekend Jason. <BR> <BR>My boat is down for 2 weeks so I'll be a "third" til its back in commission.

brycejb328 09-09-2009 5:43 PM

Hey Jeff... I read you had some boat problems. So the question is... who got more "wrecked" out on prior lake... you or the boat??? <BR> <BR>Jason.. anytime you need a 3rd let me know, My work is flexible so i can take off early any time, especially with it getting dark earlier. <BR> <BR>Hopefully I dont slam again like I did on marion, that was a idiot move... I had a headache for 3 days.

jeff_mn 09-10-2009 6:44 AM

Good session last night guys. Bummer we got cut off. <BR> <BR>Seth - you have that backroll DIALED. You went huge on one of them. Good riding with you again - let's do it again. Next time I won't drink 3 energy drinks before showing up and act like a meth head. <BR> <BR>Hopefully we can get out Friday but it looks like the weather will be nice but crap Friday. Keep our fingers crossed. <BR> <BR> <BR>Bryce - yeah we caught a big rock coming out of a channel. It sucked but nothing I can do about it. It's at MN Inboard for repair now, I'll find out today how long it will be before I have it back. We'll get you out with us soon!

rourker 09-10-2009 9:49 AM

Let's keep on eye on Friday's weather. Chance of rain just means the other boats won't be on the water.

garveyj 09-10-2009 10:22 AM

Hey guys - I am on here now too...Good riding with you all last night! <BR> <BR>Hope the weather stays good for tomorrow...it is only a 30% chance so hopefully it stays away. Last nights storm did not really amount to much.

jeff_mn 09-10-2009 11:42 AM

You'll be lucky if you get invited again Jeff - you got two sets and the rest of us got one.. We might have to bench you for that!

garveyj 09-10-2009 1:18 PM

I know - and I feel bad about that - I will go last next time to make up for it.

jeff_mn 09-10-2009 1:36 PM


will5150 09-10-2009 3:20 PM

Seth and I are riding Friday afernoon unless there's lightning! We're also aiming for Sunday AM on Riley in Eden Prairie- who's in??

snowslider76 09-10-2009 3:26 PM

Count me in both days as long as AM doesn't mean 7-9

will5150 09-10-2009 3:27 PM

AM means we put the boat in the water around 8:30 and ride until I run out of gas....or about 1pm- HA!

jeff_mn 09-10-2009 3:31 PM

I'm in for both. Friday at 5 and Sunday early. <BR> <BR>If the boat fills up, I'll wait til next time. I'm a good "third".

will5150 09-10-2009 3:36 PM

See you guys Friday- we'll work out the details for Sunday then- but I think we're good. If both Jason and Jeff along with Seth, that's 4- Ry may be back as well for a 5th- that's about the max so we all get 2 sets min...

rourker 09-10-2009 5:16 PM

Will- Let's still plan to meet around 2 or so. Jason thought he could be down around 3. The later in the day, the higher the chance for rain.

garveyj 09-10-2009 6:09 PM

If you have room in the boat for either Friday or Sunday let me know...I would love to get some more sets in this year. <BR> <BR>I live about 1 mile from Riley so I can be there pretty quickly if room opens up. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by garveyj on September 10, 2009)

jeff_mn 09-11-2009 6:55 AM

I'm out for Sunday. I'm playing 18 at Hiawatha. <BR> <BR>If anyone wants to play, we have a slot open. Tee times at 8.

will5150 09-11-2009 8:11 AM

There you go Jeff G- you're in if you want to ride Sunday.

jeff_mn 09-11-2009 8:14 AM

Garvey pays better than I do.. I give hand jobs and mom jokes, he brings cash.. <BR> <BR>Have a good set.. <BR> <BR>I'll text Seth and Jason after 5 to see if you guys are out. If the weather doesn't hold - I'll be kickin it at home if anyone wants to come by. Bring the new Parks doc and we can set up shop in the basement and drink some beer.

garveyj 09-11-2009 8:17 AM

I might be able to do Sunday but only for a couple of hours in the morning if that is OK.

will5150 09-11-2009 8:21 AM

Jeff G- No Prob- you can meet us at the dock and I can drop you any time. I have a Green/White Tige 2100 V - we'll be at the dock at 8:30.

will5150 09-11-2009 8:24 AM

Seth- did you get a new handle? I can't remember- it's been WAY too long since we rode together. I'll bring mine if not.

snowslider76 09-11-2009 8:25 AM

Hey Will, <BR> <BR>Where is the dock for riley I know where the lake is behind bear path but not exactly sure how to get to the dock?

jeff_mn 09-11-2009 8:32 AM

Seth was using that chamois LG1 on Wednesday. I left my brand new Gator handle and line in the back rear ski locker of my boat and it's at MN Inboard in New Germany. Hope it doesn't come up missing.

garveyj 09-11-2009 8:41 AM

Jason - if you come into Lake Riley (as you turn onto the road), the boat launch is the first left you come to - but don't go there - follow the road around to the parking lot on your left (it is a ways around the park). <BR> <BR>Once you park just head toward the beach and you will see the launch parking lot and the launch to your left - the dock is right down there.

will5150 09-11-2009 8:47 AM

That's right- you can't park at the launch- there's only 12 spots and they watch is closely. I have an LG1 as well- i thought Seth bought one too- LOVE that handle!

snowslider76 09-12-2009 8:06 AM

I think I'm going to have to be on the IR list tomorrow and sit out I tore up my knee a little worse than I thought. I'll still come out and be ballast and drive but I don't want to take up a spot from somebody that can actually ride.

rourker 09-13-2009 12:33 PM

Glass on Riley this morning. Going to have to set something up for this week. I'm out for this weekend, Friday afternoon could work for me on Marion. Evenings are open for me but I'll need to ride with others (not enough daylight for me to get home and get out with a crew driving from Golden Valley).

garveyj 09-14-2009 5:59 AM

The glass was nice! <BR> <BR>Hey Seth - how did the contact work out - did you guys stay out much longer?

snowslider76 09-14-2009 6:56 AM

I'm pretty open to most days afterwork this week. Seth, Jeff 1&amp;2 let me know when you can get out, day ahead of time would be great so I can bring my boat to work and save on some drive time. I'm out for riding this week but should be able to surf.

will5150 09-14-2009 7:07 AM

I could get out Thursday and or Friday this week. Jeff- We got another set in so the contact held up- then the "tourists" came out and the water got kind of messed up. Thanks for getting out with us- I sent you my cell number via e-mail.

jeff_mn 09-14-2009 7:13 AM

Am I 1 or 2? <BR> <BR>I hope 1. <BR> <BR>I'm always in. Had a busy weekend but I want to get out this week. Tuesday? Wednesday the fights are on so I'm gonna watch. I could ride Friday night too.

rourker 09-14-2009 3:23 PM

We shut it down around noon. Contact got the job done, but Lasik is moving up on the to do list. <BR> <BR>I'm open for riding with others, any night but Friday during the week but I won't be able to swing getting my boat out. I could ride up here near Maple Grove or down with Will but I'm pretending to speak for them. <BR> <BR>Anybody up for Friday afternoon?

will5150 09-14-2009 4:31 PM

Seth- I am good for Friday and Maybe Thursday as well... so remember that one of the bunks on the trailer is coming apart? Well apparently when we pulled the boat out Sunday, I banged the boat on the metal support for the bunk and took two chunks out of the gel-coat- this is the way my summer's been going. I did get the heater today though and put it back in the boat, so we're ready for October riding! Well, off to West Marine to get a gel coat repair kit....

rourker 09-14-2009 7:56 PM

Dude!!!!! It's a sign. Time to go to the boat show this January. Midwest MC has a 2008 X30. Beautiful boat?!?!?

jeff_mn 09-15-2009 5:37 AM

I've had one of those summers as well Will. Mine just came in the form of a $6200 rock on Prior Lake. <BR> <BR>X30 is a nice rig.. <BR> <BR>Jason - remember that your right side of the trailer is out. You gotta fix that sometime.

will5150 09-15-2009 12:18 PM

I think I have the boat I am going to have for quite a while- unless something really big happens with the job thing! On a positive note- the new bunk went on super easy, the heater works without any leaks and the gel coat should'nt be too hard to fix and it's on the bottom of the boat where you'd have to really look for it anyway. I GOTTA look at the postitives! Jeff, I heard about your "incident" from Seth- while I can't imagine the sinking ( no pun intended) feeling you had when this happened, at least no one was hurt.

jeff_mn 09-15-2009 1:38 PM

Luckily there was no sinking to be had. Quarter size dent in the gel coat right at the rudder mount was the only "body" damage. The prop, shaft, rudder, hanger - I can't say the same. <BR> <BR>Yuck. <BR> <BR>Thank god for insurance.

snowslider76 09-15-2009 7:19 PM

Seth, Jeff 1&amp;2 thanks for the wipe down, pulled the whip in the garage &amp; she is sparkly!! Next pull is on me after that service!!

garveyj 09-15-2009 7:43 PM

You bet - thanks for the pulls...I am uploading the pictures right now - it will take a few hours so I will finish it off in the morning...all in all I think we got about 300 pictures. I deleted the blurry ones and the night ones did not show up well if the flash did not go, but otherwise they look good. <BR> <BR>I am just going to upload all of them in case anyone is interested in them - I will send out the link when I have the pics posted!

snowslider76 09-15-2009 7:47 PM

Thanks Jeff that camera of yours is sic!! I hope I can get in some pictures befor the end of the year besides just driving.

garveyj 09-16-2009 5:31 AM

Pics are posted...Here is the link: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.gahvey.com/Programs/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=5826" target="_blank">http://www.gahvey.com/Programs/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=5826</a> <BR> <BR>Feel free to copy any of the images you want to...The gallery that I use compresses the images down to about 640x430, so if you want to see the full sized image you can click on the 3000x2000 link that is under the size drop down in the top right corner of the pictures.

lil_braswell 09-16-2009 7:18 AM

Anyone heading out this week? I just got settled after my Lake Powell trip. I am good for gas money and clean up. Will and Seth let's keep in touch. Thanks!

snowslider76 09-16-2009 7:36 AM

Ryan, <BR>Seth and I will be out tomorrow on Fish Lake in Maple Grove if you want to join us.

jeff_mn 09-16-2009 8:14 AM

Thanks for the pulls last night Jason and Jeff - thanks for the pics. They turned out good. <BR> <BR>Seths first set had the PERFECT lighting. Great pics. <BR> <BR>Have a good set tomorrow fellas. I'll be at BJJ.

garveyj 09-16-2009 10:06 AM

Seth's first set definitely had the best light....I guess that just means we will need to get out again and a little earlier to get better light for all.

will5150 09-20-2009 5:22 PM

What's the plan for the week ahead? I might be able to get out tomorrow evening- any takers?

fecalfajita 09-20-2009 5:52 PM

I'm a little bummed that I just now found this thread. Anyway, I'm available pretty much every day after 1:00.

jeff_mn 09-20-2009 6:29 PM

Join us any time. <BR> <BR> <BR>Fish was blown out and full of tubers today but we still had a good time just kickin it. A day on the water with the guys is better than a day doing nearly anything else. <BR> <BR>I should have my boat back by Thursday or Friday and my new board should be in on Friday as well (cross fingers).. I can get out anytime this week tentatively if someone needs a third. We should do a Saturday or Sunday AM session on Marion with my boat. I want to try out the new prop and see how it handles some ballast and good sized crew. <BR> <BR>I'm down for whatever. Thanks for havin us out today Jason. Been nice to have some lake time even when the Moomba is down.

garveyj 09-21-2009 12:01 PM

Hey Will - I don't think I will be available until Wednesday, but if you do end up going out let me know. <BR> <BR>Thanks

will5150 09-22-2009 7:04 AM

I am thinking Thursday - the weather looks best then- I can get the boat in the water around 4 ish or later.... Send me an e-mail of you want in. Will

snowslider76 09-22-2009 1:48 PM

Fish Lake after work tomorrow any takers?

garveyj 09-22-2009 5:49 PM

I am out for Wednesday - my wife has something going on already. I am also not sure I can do anything this weekend - we have a wedding to go to on Saturday and will not be back until mid day on Sunday

jeff_mn 09-25-2009 8:06 AM

Does any one from the MN crew have any bindings I can borrow to finish out the season? Jeff G has a set of LF Exos and Jason S. has a pair of LF Super Suckers. <BR> <BR>Anyone got anything else I can ride for the rest of the short season? I picked up an 09' Transcend Platty but want to hold off til I can find a smokin deal on some 09' Zeus' before I pull the trigger. <BR> <BR>Let me know if you have anything newer than Jeff and Jason have on hand. Thanks! I'll trade you binding use for pulls.

jeff_mn 09-29-2009 7:21 AM

I'm super depressed that this thread is going to die until April. <BR> <BR>:-( <BR> <BR>Ryan - if you move back to AZ - put me in your suitcase.

lil_braswell 09-29-2009 2:27 PM

NO bindings here. I just broke my 09 Ricky G's so I am back on the LF Shanes. <BR> <BR>I probably won't move back, but plenty of visits to ride this winter for sure!

rourker 10-01-2009 6:25 AM

I have my boat until next Friday, who's up for something on Sunday? (BTW- high temp is 60) Forecast is improving, now showing some signs of sunshine. <BR> <BR>I need to run the fuel conditioner through the engine so it's getting wet either way. Might as well pull us around the lake. Winds don't look too bad either.

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