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tlb 06-26-2003 8:16 PM

I tried to fill ballast tanks for the first time today and the center one will not fill. I rechecked the helm shut off and the raw water valve both were open. I pulled the hose off the the helm seacock to see if water was getting to it and the water was just trickling in. It was like the pump was not priming. Anyone have this problem?

tclagggym 06-26-2003 9:34 PM

Try pushing the button on and off really quit a few times, if that doen't work, just turn the pump on and open your helm control and drive the boat, it will fill and maybe prime the pump that way. If that doesn't work you might have something plugging the intake underneth the boat.

johns 06-27-2003 6:50 AM

Tim Gave good instructions, You may have a bad pump but also check all the electical conections. Either way you should be abe to open the seacock and drive the boat and the tank will fill up unless something is blocking the intake hole. Is you dealer close? Most CC Dealers are top shelf about servicing nautiques so I would reccomend taking it in to them. <BR>

rodmcinnis 06-27-2003 11:20 AM

Tom: <BR> <BR> If you removed the hose from the seacock on the thru hull fitting and water didn't start gushing in then either your boat was on a trailer or something is blocking the water inlet! <BR> <BR> Remove the hose again and try turning the valve handle the other way. I have seen situations where the valve handle was assembled to the valve incorrectly and the "open" and "closed" positions were reversed. If you are sure the valve is open, try blowing through the hose and out the thru hull. <BR> <BR> It is certainly possible that you sucked something up. It is also possible that the valve itself is defective. I have seen valves where the handle would turn but the ball inside did not. <BR> <BR>

heldoorn 06-29-2003 3:09 PM

we couldnt get out port tank to fill the first time we used it we just would drive about 30 mph and turn the button on and off on and off and finally they worked. They are the fastest pumps out of our 3 nautiques that we have had. <BR> <BR>chris

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