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sexyws6mama 08-09-2009 7:15 AM

I bought myself a wake surfboard for my birthday and have been out 2 times and I love it, however does anyone have tips so that I can get better? It's all new to me! <BR> <BR>thanks ladies!

littlelady 08-11-2009 9:44 AM

Hi Audrey... I suggest riding on the "easier" side, which would be your toeside wave. I hate riding my heelside so much that when my boyfriend loads up my heelside, I go up riding switch the entire time.

malibu 08-14-2009 8:10 AM

Audry <BR>Practice moving forward and backward on the wave by pushing on your front and then back foot. Try riding up and down the face of the wave by using toe and heel pressure. Also work on pumping your legs to get back into the wave when you get too far back. It also helps to reach for the boat with your lead arm when you need to catch up. Wakesurfing is a blast!

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