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wofrankwo 08-07-2009 3:49 PM

it just occured to me has anyone ever overweighted their boat where the wake got worse? or just to unsafe? how much weight do you have in your boat? ive heard of people with 3,000lbs plus .... or is there the point where you dont really need more wake and adding weight becomes senseless?

motogod77 08-07-2009 3:54 PM

To me that depends on the boat, some people will tell you that at some point the wave stays the same and the boat works too hard - I think as long as you aren't risking placing your boat on the bottom and you're propped correctly keep fillin!

dreamer 08-07-2009 4:43 PM

TQ, what do you mean by properly propped? Should we be changing our propellers if our boats are mostly surf boats, and if so to what?

motogod77 08-07-2009 4:58 PM

I would try and drop two inches of pitch on your prop if your boat is slammed, trust me you will notice a difference. The lower the pitch the more dig a boat has and the "nicer" it is on the running gear with 4K lbs of weight in the boat. Also, the boat maintains speeds better when weighted with the correct pitch prop for the weight.

formfunction 08-07-2009 5:12 PM

Also the lower pitch prop seems to make a little less turbulance and whitewash.I have no idea why that is.

motogod77 08-07-2009 5:44 PM


dreamer 08-07-2009 5:45 PM

I have an 02 Supra SSV and usually run 2500# of ballast as well as a few people on the boat so would a new prop be in order for me? <BR> <BR>Does dropping a couple of inches of pitch mean a few mph off the top end?

formfunction 08-07-2009 6:36 PM

Depends whats currently on it John.I would run at least a 15 pitch on that bad boy with a top end about 38-40

formfunction 08-07-2009 6:39 PM

Btw John its degrees of pitch and inches of diameter.Pitch is the most common change.

wofrankwo 08-07-2009 6:41 PM

do i want to switch to a 4 blade prop? i have a 3 now and i like the idea of the lower pitch but is a 3 or 4 blade better? i now have 2720lbs of ballast for 230 sanger ... yet to use the 680lbs i just got i will use that tomorrow

formfunction 08-07-2009 8:03 PM

Frank,Best thing to do is call acme propeller and tell the what kind of boat/transmission you have.tell them what you use it for and what ballast you run.As long as you don't need more than upper thirties for your top end a steep prop helps a bunch.

ragboy 08-08-2009 1:15 AM

Call ACME direct, they will help you with the prop. We had a 537, and I called ACME. They set me up with a 1235, world of difference in how my boat handles, and less cavitation with more weight. <BR> <BR>Yes, Frank, you can get unsafe. Here is something I have found. Think of weighting your boat like using a lever. If you push a lever near the fulcrum (pivot) you need more weight/effort to move it, where as the farther out you go from the fulcrum, less weight/force is needed. The same is true of weighting. The farther you get weight in that rear corner (locker, all the way back), you can use less, then if you put the weight on your seat. More weight can be less important, than proper placement. You were on my boat, and saw my wake. I had ~1100lbs on each side, one is completely empty when surfing. Then we had some good people weight between you and I, but that was it. Every hull is different, but be careful when you start getting water OVER the rub rail. You def want to be careful doing that when there is chop, other boats, wind, etc. <BR> <BR>Find that sweet spot that works well, and stay there. Get obsessed with surfing, and not so much with trying to get just a bit bigger wave. Especially with the younger kids on board alot. Of course, just my opinion, you do what you think is best.

motogod77 08-08-2009 8:22 AM

Brock - the reason I termed pitch in inches is because that is what is refers to - one prop rotation moves the boat 15" forward, ie. 15" pitch prop

enzostyle 08-08-2009 9:01 AM

My enzo seems to have a point of diminishing return. Too much weight and the lip is less defined. I only fill the enzo sac and one side sac in the rear. Usually less than 2500# in my boat. Anything more is just a waste of time and gas for me. <BR> <BR>And yes pitch is always measured in inches per revolution, not degrees. I believe I am also running the 1235 on my enzo and loving it.

formfunction 08-09-2009 3:08 PM

That is one hundred percent correct.I always assumed it was degrees but I guess you can't degree something with a curve in it.I stand corrected.

dreamer 08-10-2009 11:17 AM

I talked to the guys at Acme and they have recommended the 1433 for my 02 SSV. They figure it would run a couple hundred rpm higher at surf speeds and the boat would top out at 40mph.

tonyv420 08-10-2009 2:11 PM

What is everybody running on their Avalanche's? (for surfing)?

lakesurfer 08-10-2009 3:17 PM

We always surf the port side. I think I have it dialed in pretty good and the water runs at the rub rail. <BR> <BR>1,200lb custom sac (fills back locker and under port seat) <BR>400-750lbs on port seat (depending on size of crew) <BR>300-400lbs in bow <BR>250lb center tank <BR> <BR>Total: 2,200lbs - 2,600lbs plus crew

lakesurfer 08-10-2009 3:19 PM

I also run a 1643 prop and pull at 10.7mph skim/11.2mph surf.

tonyv420 08-12-2009 11:48 AM

1643 prop, what does that stand for? is it a 4 blade or three? Sorry i am prop iliterate

lakesurfer 08-12-2009 1:26 PM

Anthony - I am prop illiterate as well. It is a 4 blade prop that ACME suggested based on my requirements (50% surf/40% tube/10% wakeboarding) I dont know what 1643 stands for. My guess is that is prop ID/name and it is related to the prop's pitch (ie. ACME 1643 has different pitch than ACME 1619) <BR> <BR>By the way, the 1643 works great for me. But I know other Avy owners that run different ACME props. If you want to know what other Avy owners are running I would post that question at <a href="http://www.centurioncrew.com" target="_blank">www.centurioncrew.com</a>

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