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levi 06-26-2003 12:01 AM

I think we are hitting up New Melones for the 4th weekend. Anyone else going to be there? If so...we should meet up!

opsjmo 06-26-2003 12:51 PM

I am pretty sure I will be up there for the July 4th weekend. Will probably ride Sat and Sun.. I will be there this weekend as well..

poon 06-26-2003 1:19 PM

I called to reserve a campsite but they said its first come first serve. Are you just cruzing up there a day early to ge a spot?

opsjmo 06-26-2003 1:29 PM

I am just going to be there during the day and then heading up to my parents place near Angels Camp.. It is pretty close.

typhoon 06-26-2003 1:51 PM

Look for a blue sanger. it is my buddies but we will be there this weekend.

opsjmo 06-26-2003 6:19 PM

Will look out for you Ty.. I will be in a "OLD" yellow Supra with a Pylon..We will probably be up toward Angles creek or the the coves across from the Glory Hole launch ramp..

typhoon 06-27-2003 6:36 AM

we will be by the damn in the morning then up the river later. dark blue sanger.

jarrod 06-27-2003 8:05 AM

Melones is going to be NUTS! Better hit the water by 7am if you want a smoooth ride. By 11:00 am, it's all over.

larry6 06-27-2003 10:20 AM

I will be there with Jasen's family and my new toy.. Almost ready still breaking it in..<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

levi 06-27-2003 11:45 AM

Arun - I have a friend that is going to head up "hopefully" in the early afternoon on Thur. I'll be making the trek on Thur...probably kinda late. We're probably going to have 2 sites...maybe 3. <BR> <BR>I'll be a white/yellow '90 sport nautique. It should have a brand spakin new Monster Tower (if I can install it this evening).

gobeta 07-02-2003 8:39 AM

We'll be up there from Friday-Monday. No campsite but we will be houseboating it this time. Look for the Captain Morgan flag on the houseboat. We'll have my blue X30, a Supra, and a Reinell tied up there. <BR> <BR>Maybe we'll see some of you up there! <BR> <BR>Chris <BR> <BR>

skerzz 07-02-2003 10:29 AM

We will be out there in a black x-10, with an American Flag flying from the tower. We plan on being there thursday- sunday.

poon 07-03-2003 6:48 AM

What campsite are you all staying at?

levi 07-03-2003 8:19 AM

I will not know that until later today. Since it is first come first serve and I've never been there. My roommate is driving up there this morning to get a couple campsites and then he'll call me and tell me where to go.......

poon 07-03-2003 8:53 AM

My friends got 2 sites at Glory Hole campgrounds (Big Oaks) sites 22 &amp; 25. I will be cruzing up Friday afternoon.

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