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bzager 08-05-2009 8:48 PM

alright, so as basic as it might seem, this trick is the anti-wakeboarding for me. I have had so much trouble with this trick from my first time ever trying it 3 years ago when i was ripped out of my bindings and sent flailing across the wakes, to last season on a glassy evening when i boosted it and dropped my front foot whipping my head against the water and left me dizzy and dazed laying on the back of my boat (not to mention mildly concussed). So for the time being I've said nevermind to that trick and went on to learn t/s 1's, t/s 3's and even tantrums. But it haunts me and as my season comes to a close in 4 weeks I really think this is a trick that i can lay down and feel good about it. I know in my mind i can do I just sketch out. I think this weekend I need to f*ck it and huck it and just really concentrate on doing everything right. Does anyone have any tips for me that will make this easy trick not so f*ckin scary to do? i know if i land it ONCE it will become a regular in my set. thanks for any help.....

liveoz 08-05-2009 10:28 PM

try doing everything just like any other w2w jump. Rotate this trick on your way down after you are sure you are in a nice balanced position. By waiting it should prevent from getting off axis and taking a digger.

jsw 08-06-2009 8:30 AM

go out and do a bunch from inside out. then just go for it. it's the same motion. maybe just slow it down or add a grab when you take it w2w.

bzager 08-06-2009 10:41 AM

yeah i think if i try grab it slob or melon it might help me stay tucked up and balanced in the air. either way, its happening this weekend!

jcollinge 08-06-2009 4:18 PM

For whatever reason I started landing this trick when I focused on the ollie w2w and thought of over rotating the trick. Before that I was under-rotating and slipping out on my heels... Also, grabbing melon really helps keep balanced and you can turn it into a shifty if you bail on your way down.

digg311 08-06-2009 9:08 PM

Ugh. <BR>Tried these for the first time today behind Troy's boat. (along with TS FS 180's, which were MUCH easier.) <BR>on the HS, I started out doing what I understand is fairly common... trying to land with my board pointed toward the boat, causing me to slide out onto my butt. <BR>Then... I hooked my toeside edge and face-slammed about as hard as I have ever slammed. Bit into my tongue in 4 places... spent the rest of the day today with a fairly massive headache. <BR>You know what? Totally worth it. I'm SO STOKED to be learning to spin w2w. <BR> <BR>I can't wait to try this trick again the next time out. I'm with you Brian. This is gonna happen!!

bzager 08-06-2009 10:31 PM

i just gotta block out all the past slams ive taking and keep watching keith lyman and ben greenwood do em. they are soo steezy, why would anyone else need another trick?

bflat53212 08-07-2009 7:34 AM

Rich and Brian, <BR> <BR>I really suggest that you spend some time riding switch. Get used to being in the switch position riding from the base of the wake to the flats out on your toes. This will probably feel akward, but this is the position you will be in when you land a HS FS 180. <BR> <BR>After you ride switch for a while, then throw your next 180. It should help. If you can't ride switch, it's difficult to land switch, just my 2 cents.

digg311 08-07-2009 8:18 AM

Thanks Skubz. <BR>It's true that I don't ride switch enough. I try to put in a little switch work here and there, but probably not enough. I actually feel pretty comfortable cutting out from the wake into the flats switch... for some reason, can't land that way yet (obviously) and I can't get ANY pop off the wake when I try to cut in switch. <BR>Lot's of work to do.

bflat53212 08-07-2009 10:29 AM

I hear ya. Switch is tough. I love the old Murray saying from his Dention video: <BR> <BR>"I don't go into switch much because it's a mental block that can be easily overcome by just relaxing" <BR> <BR>lol...Relaxing and a whole lot of practice, good luck!

bzager 08-07-2009 2:07 PM

i can ride switch fine, i can already t/s f/s 1 and switch h/s 1 i just cant seem to h/s 1!!! well im going riding, ill let you all know how it goes!

bzager 08-07-2009 5:41 PM

went out, 3rd try, into the flats, psh ya know! haha sike, no but seriously it felt awesome and i went huge and landed right in the flat outside the wake! thanks for all the help yall! and steve, you were right, doing inside out 180's helps a ton, it really gives you the closest feeling of landing the 180!

jsw 08-10-2009 8:13 AM

brian, congrats man. the inside out drill definitely helps on this trick.

tobs2 09-15-2009 1:23 PM

Hey just my two cents for anyone that needs it or if it will help I just learned these to the point that I land them 95% of the time now, and I was doing all the things everyone is saying here as well before I got them down....slipping out catching edge etc.....what helped me the most when I finally started doing it was taking them very late wake to wake....I just think of doing a nice big wake to wake jump and then at the highest point or even on the way down slowly rotate the 180 that kept my balance way better and kept me from over rotating and under rotating as well.....something else I learned is like with alot of tricks it is a mind thing....landing switch once you just get the confidence that you can do it a few times then you will nail it!! Also found that grabbing it melon or mute and even nose makes you take it late and keeps your balance better...... hope this helps.... T

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