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newrider 06-25-2003 9:51 PM

I just bought the new hyperlite byerly 107 it hasn't gottin here yet i paid 110$ i am new to the sport and thought i was buying a wakeboard is it going to be to hard for me or was it a good buy? <BR>

shaggydan22 06-26-2003 4:39 AM

a lot of times when i teach people how to wakeboard, i teach them how to wakeskate the same day. the majority of people that i have taught perfered wakeskating over wakeboarding.

g_line 06-26-2003 8:59 AM

where di you get a byerly for $110? That is a great great price <BR> <BR>But wakeskating is definatly fun and Im sure you'll do just fine. It might be a little harder but it will be more fun in the end.

g_line 06-26-2003 9:00 AM

Oh yeah, and if you decide you dont want it, I'd be willing to purchase it off of you. Just to let you know.

warlock00 06-26-2003 10:41 AM

Yeah I would like to know where you got it for that price also???

newrider 06-26-2003 4:26 PM

sorry i skrewed up in the post it was the scape 107

newrider 06-26-2003 4:29 PM

but if you want the site anyway it was <a href="http://www.usoutdoorstore.com/istar.asp?a=3&amp;dept=28&amp;class=01" target="_blank">http://www.usoutdoorstore.com/istar.asp?a=3&amp;dept=28&amp;class=01</a>

newrider 06-26-2003 4:32 PM

whats so good about the Byerly? <BR>

g_line 06-26-2003 6:31 PM

oh, the scape is a good deck. but the byerly is foam and fiberglass so it will last longer. and it has a channel on the bottom so you have more control without fins.

newrider 06-26-2003 8:43 PM

ohhhhh ok thanks so do u still think the scape was a good buy at 110$

warlock00 06-27-2003 8:54 AM

I got mine for $99 well plus tax so like $108, but that is about average for the scape. <BR> <BR>The byerly is also concave so you get more control with it...

g_line 06-27-2003 9:39 AM

Oh yeah, concave. how could i forget that. but yes that is about the average price for a scape. dont worry it will be fine.

newrider 06-27-2003 10:26 AM


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