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crooksncassells 08-05-2009 5:34 PM

I'm sure everyone likes one over the other, why though? <BR> <BR>less vibration? <BR>more board control? <BR> <BR>Also, does anybody have anything totally against ripping off your eva and slappin' on some jessup? Just curious...

wakemitch 08-05-2009 9:28 PM

Foam is too sticky and it makes it hard to adjust your feet. <BR>Grip Tape is grippy but not sticky also because of how thin it is you can feel the board and the concave better. <BR> <BR>I took the foam off my first board and put grip tape on. made such a big difference.

wakeboardnut 08-06-2009 9:08 AM

i like grip tape better aswell. <BR> <BR>I have a LF armada and its a pain to adjust your feet on the foam grip, its like you are glued down. <BR> <BR>my wood sattelyte has grip tape and ive been having alot more fun riding it, adjusting your feet on the grip is alot easier, and like mitch said you feel the board more

briansskater 08-07-2009 7:24 PM

I have to agree with Mitch and Chase. The foam is more difficult to move around on. <BR> I thought I liked the EVA (I use gator grip) because it was softer landings on my old knees during w2w jumps but I have over come it, grip tape allows you to feel so much more of the board. <BR>Its like anything else, go with what you feel comfortable using, you can always change it later or buy more boards,lol

crooksncassells 08-09-2009 11:37 AM

I've never tossed on a grip board before but looks to me there's a time in everyones life where a new saga needs to begin ahhahha

deepcove 08-09-2009 12:28 PM

Foam makes an annoying sqeeky noise when you move your feet around.

crooksncassells 08-09-2009 6:30 PM

alright alright. <BR> <BR>but im sure its just like skate gt where it'll begin to smooth out after your journeys to the waterland <BR> <BR>and when your tape gets just remotely damp on a skateboard its slippery as soap, but im guessing the companies have taken that into effect, right?

nautiques210 08-10-2009 11:55 AM

My old skate was eva and i just got a new one with grip tape and i love the feel of the grip tape. You cant really feel the difference in landings all that much.

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