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wakeslife 08-03-2009 8:34 PM

I'm having a hard time shooting with my lightweight Canon camcorder getting steady footage. What's the best way to do this zoomed in a decent amount? I was trying it with a unipod-type setup resting on the rear seat but I'm looking for better results. <BR> <BR>Thanks

dcervenka 08-04-2009 2:19 AM

Strap a 5 lbs weight to your camera, hold it with both hands, and practice. You'll get better footage and your arms will get bigger too. <BR> <BR>The mono-seat dealeo won't work unless it's absolute butter. Even then you're better off hand holding it. <BR> <BR>Practice. ;-)

steve_b 08-04-2009 5:11 AM

What he said. <BR>I shot with a camera that was the size of a Taco Bell softshell taco for a year. It was impossible to hold steady...even in butter. I dug through a scrapyard and found some scrap iron. Then made a bar that weighed about ten pounds, drilled a hole, and mounted it to the cam. Made a huge difference. Quality of the camera was still crap, but at least it was a bit more steady. <BR>Weight is your friend.

richd 08-04-2009 5:33 AM

This worked pretty good with a little Canon HV10: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.spiderbrace.com/" target="_blank">http://www.spiderbrace.com/</a>

mikevlx 08-06-2009 8:09 AM

dude roddy, i have a amazing idea. <BR> <BR>take one of my homemade skate handles...attach it upside downs...and then add a weight to it... <BR> <BR>what do you think????

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