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rodmcinnis 06-23-2003 1:35 PM

This was going to be the summer of wakeboarding. <BR> <BR>Brand new 2003 SANTE, delivered in March. B-530s plus B-50s, large ballast tanks, 600 pounds of lead, Perfect Pass, the works. <BR> <BR>New (to us) Houseboat, 55x16, party top, three bedroom, delux! <BR> <BR>Rave 30' slider. <BR> <BR>Work schedule easing off, able to take vacations this year. <BR> <BR>The God's were against me. <BR> <BR>My son had knee surgery in March, kept him off the water for most of the early spring. Daughter had foot surgery 6 weeks ago, and complications had her in the hospital and us off the water over three different weekends. <BR> <BR>Yesterday, my son dislocates his shoulder on a simple switch 180. Doctor said he would be out for two months or more....... <BR> <BR>

skerzz 06-23-2003 1:44 PM

Rob, don't be bummed....you can take me out instead.

damnation 06-23-2003 2:01 PM

I know how you feel. 1.5 years ago I got hurt the day after I bought my brand new boat (before I even took possession). It ended the season for me. I still had fun going to tournaments and pulling my friends though. <BR> <BR>Good luck to you and your kids.

wes_the_gimp 06-23-2003 10:37 PM

Rob, when you get hurt you get to drive! When everyone else gets hurt you get to ride, a lot! <BR>Get a surfboard! Good luck.

clint_h 07-01-2003 9:49 AM

Oh this sucks. I broke the fifth metatarsal in my foot on Sunday night. Dr put me in a hard cast up to just below my knee. 5 weeks in the cast. I can't even get jazzed to drive the boat since I can't jump in the lake to cool off. So much for the new boat this year.

rodmcinnis 07-01-2003 4:56 PM

He dislocated it again just sleeping in bed the other night. Doesn't look good. <BR> <BR>MRI scan is tomorrow. Next week the doctor will tell him if he will ever be able to wakeboard again...... <BR> <BR>At best he will be out for four months. If they can't repair the socket and make it so that it doesn't dislocate as easily he is done wakeboarding.

sdboardr99 07-01-2003 5:14 PM

Take up wakesurfing! It's a blast and basically no strain on your body at all. Not as exciting as wakeboarding obviously, but a great way to get out on the water and have some fun. And one benefit is that you're right there behind the boat so it's easy to take pics and talk to the rider, and you can hear the stereo without having to crank it up. <BR> <BR>Good luck with the test results and hopefully everything will work out. Kids have an amazing ability to heal quickly.

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