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badzuki 06-23-2003 2:22 PM

I have been working on my raley by slowly getting use to letting the load pull my hips away <BR>from the rope. I keep cutting harder and harder and letting my body extend further and further out. <BR>I feel like I have learned alot about the cut and where to be looking to keep straight in <BR>the air. Has anybody else done this? Does anybody think it helps? I am so much more <BR>comfortable with cutting hard. I feel like it is helping me alot. I need to learn this <BR>with minumal crashes becuase my body can't handle it. The only part I am not sure about is the body postion when <BR>leaving the wake? I want to have my body standing tall to get the pop. But do I want the <BR>load to kick my legs back or the momentum(force) of the cut? I can do backrolls in my sleep. <BR>do I want the same cut just accerelated?

06-27-2003 8:53 AM

I have just been trying these too. The cut is very similar to a backroll, but you have to load your front leg a little more. When I went in exactly like a backroll, I started rotating, and landing on my back. You basically need a little more weight on the front leg. As far as what kicks your legs out, it is the load in the line. That is why it is important to use a good progressive edge. I cut in hard, then when I hit the top of the wake I stand a little taller then normal tricks, to sort of get my body in motion, but it is very minute, almost more of a thought than an action. For the crashing part, when I started, I just went up, let my board go out behind me, and let go of the rope. Then I could just do a dive into the water. Once I got the superman position down, I tried bringing it back in. Hope this helps, and let me know how it goes.

badzuki 06-30-2003 8:19 AM

No calm water this week to try. Confidents is building. It would sure be nice to beable to see someone do one. <BR> <BR>Steve - Can you do a raley now? how is the process going?

06-30-2003 8:59 AM

Learning these as well... lots of wrecks. To minimize the pain I'd suggest trying them on a skate first. The pop isn't the same but bailing out isn't painful at all.

badzuki 06-30-2003 12:19 PM

I have tried the skate thing. I just don't get the same cut/feel on the skate. Maybe if I could take the bindings off my board and had some good tape on it. It has been a while since I have tried that. Maybe I should try again. I'm little closed minded huh

06-30-2003 2:25 PM

I landed my first one this last weekend. I haven't had a painful wipe out yet. At least not as bad as I had expected. What I found I was doing, is popping up, letting my legs fly out, then once the tug on the rope came, I would just bail. I didn't even realize that it was from the tug at first, because of all the adrenaline. So I would just let go, and dive in the water, which didn't hurt. The only somewhat painful one was when I started to rotate like a backroll, and landed on my back, but if you put your but down first, and not your head, it isn't bad. Once I realized that I was letting go at the tug, I just gripped it tighter, and when it came, I pulled it like a hard sit up or something. Luckily I got my board under me, and didn't catch an edge. The first couple times I slid out the back, but I got that part down in no time. This really isn't a hard trick at all. Just bail a couple times, to get the feel of the trick, then try stickin them. Good luck <BR>

07-01-2003 11:00 AM

You don't need tape on your board. Just take the bindings off, ride it blank, and do the railey. <BR> <BR>The pressure you put on the board during a railey cut is all you need to keep it on your feet.

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