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tacosupreme 06-23-2003 12:57 PM

I never learned how to start on 1 ski before because my boat didn't have the power to pull me up. We just purchased an 03' Malibu Sportster so I'm out of excuses. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. How fast does everyone take off? I think my driver may be giving it too much gas. My ski has dual high wraps so I've got both feet in. Thanx.

tacosupreme 06-23-2003 8:08 PM

Score! Nevermind. I finally did it today. Thanx anyway.

06-24-2003 7:08 AM

Trevor - great job getting up for the first time, especially on a double high rap. Most people will struggle to get up with double high raps for the first couple of times even when they slalom ski great with a rear toe plate. <BR> <BR>What ski did you learn on? <BR> <BR>Again, congratulations.

tacosupreme 06-24-2003 9:30 AM

Thanx Brian. I went out last weekend and tried I think 13 times before my hands and arms just couldn't take it anymore and I gave up. <BR> <BR>I used an O'brien World Team all last year. An ok beginner ski. Adjustable front and rear toe plate. The ski I finally got up on was an '02 O'Brien Siege with Dual Contact High Wraps on it. I love it but then again I've only gotten up on it 1 time <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>. It just took me 16 tries. <BR> <BR>Only 6 1/2 hours of work left until I can get back out there.

06-24-2003 12:11 PM

Keep it up and don't get discouraged. The problem with using a ski with double highraps is that they are generally a higher end ski with more rocker (the shape of the ski bottom). The more the bottom is concave, the harder it will be to keep the ski straight coming out of the water. This is because the ski wants to turn on one edge or another. (Great for carving turns, harder to get up on). You'll also find this to be true when you are just coasting along straight. The ski will probably "hunt" and edge, meaning it will go from one side's edge, to the other side and back and forth. <BR> <BR>Anyway, that's a long winded way of saying stick with it, and try not to compare your results with others, because you are trying it on a much more advance ski than most, so it may take a few more times before you really get comfortable. <BR> <BR>I teach people to push their feet towards the transom of the boat. This will push the ski out in front of you so you don't get pulled over the front. It can also helps keep the ski going straight because the skier is conscentrating on keeping the ski pointed forward. In the end, the skier is standing and they didn't even think about standing up on the ski. It's just another way to look at it. (My 2 cents).

33drew 06-24-2003 4:32 PM

By the time i open my eyes when i am out of the water my cdx is already carving to the left of the wake. I have no problem with it and thats how i have been getting up for the last 7 years.

bbeach 06-25-2003 7:55 AM

My CDX doesn't want to go straight to save its life! Its only happy if its on edge at mach 12 from bouy to bouy! I've really started to enjoy my CDX after some adjusting of the bindings and fin... But my feet tend to cramp up in my venoms after about 6-8 passes. Anyone else have this problem? <BR> <BR>Anyone ski'd on the new Truth yet??? I've been meaning to try one out!

07-14-2003 9:47 AM

Yesterday I got up on a salom ski for my first time ever. I got up on my second try. What really helped me was that I was using a salom skiing rope from Overton's that you put your ski in a slit in the rope and it keeps your ski straight while trying to get up. <BR> <BR>I did really good I went really far and was crossing bot wakes and going real far out side the wake. It was so much fun.

ryin 07-14-2003 9:18 PM

Anybody try getting up with rope on the pylon or tower? I tried twice the other day and kept rolling onto my side. Then we put the ski rope on the bridle and got up fine. Anybody else experience this?

tacosupreme 07-15-2003 6:50 AM

I actually think it's easier to get up on the Wakeboard Tower. It pulls you up instead of just forward. What I've found if I'm falling over to my side is lean to the opposite side of the rope. For me, I have left foot forward, rope on right side of the ski, so I lean a little to the left because the rope wants to pull you back to the right. Haven't fallen over since.

07-22-2003 10:37 AM

i need help gettin up ive tried about 8 times and i dont realy have a problem keeping the ski straight its just that the ski points straight up and i cant hold on to the rope. i dont know but could it be the boat it or the ski the boat is a bayliner and like 120 hps and the ski is some combo ski that i got from walmart also i dont have a pylon or anything yet. anyways just wantin to know i dont ski much anymore i prefer to wakeboard is their anything special you can do with skis?

09-13-2003 12:01 AM

I have double wraps and the trick to getting up and saving you back is: <BR> <BR>Bend both knees to the point where you sitting on the tail of the ski. You do not want to push down on the tail when you are getting up. It can be done that way but your back will take needless wear and tear. <BR> <BR>You want the ski the get up on plane as fast as possible. <BR> <BR>If you are bending your knees you are changing the angle of the ski to a flatter position. With a rear toe set up its much easier as you can just take the rear foot out which lets the skis tail come up faster. <BR> <BR>Good luck!

11-08-2004 10:41 PM

something also to try for you guys just starting out is a double handled ski rope. i used one back in the day to learn to get up on a slalom ski. after a few times of that no problem ever since been skiing for 16 years now.

12-01-2004 8:44 AM

When I first learned I bought a rope from Overton's that was designed to keep your ski in line when you are getting up. And the double handled rope helps also. Now I don't use either. That trainer rope I really loved while I used it. I have only been skiing for a year and I can already make a rooster tail. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Mandi on December 01, 2004)

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