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kybool 07-24-2009 2:56 PM

Hello <BR> <BR>We currently weight our boat with about 2500 lbs but would like to run more and ride at 5500 ft elevation. I have the 310 HP RTP-1. Our prop took a licking and I am thinking of upgrading. What woudl be the best prop for weighting this boat, we do not care about top speed. Thanks!

snowboardcorey 07-24-2009 3:08 PM

Your best bet is to give OJ or Acme a call. Shooting from the hip I'd say a 14.25x14 should work pretty well.

K.B.C. 07-24-2009 4:41 PM

more weight, more weight, more weight!!!!

kybool 07-24-2009 7:28 PM

I am also looking for a heavy set girl for my friend scott, need more weight in the bow. <BR> <BR>More weight, more weight, more weight!!!!

ironj32 07-25-2009 9:53 AM

ACME 1235. This prop will quickly get your boat on plain no matter how much weight you have in it. I run 4k+ in my '00 XStar (same hull as yours), getting to plain with this prop is super smooth!

kybool 07-25-2009 5:51 PM

Thanks Jay. <BR> <BR>You have my attention. What is your set-up to get 4K in the 205? <BR> <BR>We live in the Tahoe area so it takes more to get a loaded boat on plain. I have heard great things about the 1235.

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