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hatepain 07-24-2009 1:14 PM

How many hours do you guys have on your impellers? <BR> <BR>I know that it is recommended that you change them annually but I never have. I have 235 hours on mine and a buddy of mine has almost 900! I'm gonna order a spare cuz I know someday I'll need it but just thought it'd be interesting to hear what others have on theirs.

motogod77 07-24-2009 1:28 PM

300 + On the Mercruiser black scorpion - original H20 impeller.

wakebrdr38 07-24-2009 1:58 PM

my last one lasted almost 4 seasons, and about 350 hours. Finally replaced it and the last one didnt even make it 20 hours. Every blade was totally gone but two. Needless to say this past week I have been flushing out coolant lines and trying to get everythign back to normal. It sucks

bmartin 07-24-2009 2:08 PM

I change every other season (150-200 hours) and keep my fingers crossed. I have had one go to pieces in less than 50 hours like Kevin. Hmmmm wondering if they made a bad batch.

migs 07-24-2009 2:39 PM

280 in my 07 supreme(black scorp) - changed it before i sold her and it looked brand new <BR> <BR>300+ in the 08 supreme(balck scorp) in the philippines - about to swap it soon - im betting itll look brand new as well. <BR> <BR>125 in the new SAN(ExCAL) - prob swap it at 200.

mnwakerider 07-24-2009 3:14 PM

It really depends on what you have your boat in. I didnt change mine for around 175 hours. Swapped it even though it was still "good" kept it in the glove box. At around 25 hours dad ran the boat in a ton of weeds and churned up some mean dirt clouds. Checked it and 4 fins were cracked (not broken thank god...). <BR> <BR>Its worth checking it out. They are easy to get at and it is so much easier to do it when you don't need to rather than floating on the water with your temp gauge reading 230+... <BR> <BR>MC recommends to change it every 50 hours... <BR> <BR><a href="mailto:John@waterskis.com">John@waterskis.co m</a>

05elitevc4 07-24-2009 10:43 PM

I wouldnt advise putting more than 100 hours on one...cheap insurance to say the least. Burn one up while out at the lake one day and that will make you a believer, trust me. My original one went pretty long too...then I smoked my exhaust tubes and had to replace an exhaust manifold gasket. I take a "new looking" one out every year now. Look at it this way, $40,000+++ boat and a $25 part and an hour of your time...you do the math <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>

gotsumgas 07-27-2009 1:53 PM

Do you need a puller to get the impeller out or does it just slip on out???

dirwoody 07-27-2009 2:02 PM

Should come right out with pliers, ours did, in about 14 pieces....500 hrs, just bought the boat, unsure if it was original or not, but bought 3 when we replaced it, so we're carrying 2 spares now.

mnwakerider 07-27-2009 2:34 PM

John, there is also a trick to getting them out with ease. Turn your key as if starting the boat, and you will get the starter to hit (just do it for one "fire"). This will push the impeller (in the housing) a fraction of a turn. When you are doing this (might take a couple of times) it will at one point recoil back a little and the fins will not be pushed down as hard. This will take most of the pressure off of the impeller making it much easier to get out. Then like Darin said, a pliers or a vise grip will do the rest. Also, you should be changing the seal on the housing with every swap. <BR>Hope this helps, <BR><a href="mailto:John@waterskis.com">John@waterskis.co m</a> <BR><a href="http://www.waterskis.com" target="_blank">www.waterskis.com</a> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mnwakerider on July 27, 2009)

josharre2000 07-27-2009 5:46 PM

SEAN hit the nail on the head. Why risk a 40-80k investment on a $25 part and a little work. I changed mine every 50 hours in every boat we have had-- and our lake typically has 15-20ft of clear water visibility.

slappie 07-27-2009 6:53 PM

I just replaced my impeller on my 03 Avalanche this weekend at 150 hours. I had been meaning to do it and it had been running about 20 degrees hotter than normal. I had 2 broken fins on the impeller. <BR> <BR>It was a real pain in the butt because I have the hard ballast but I ordered 750lb bags this weekend with quick connects. It will make it much easier next time. <BR> <BR>I couldn't actually get the pump out of the engine compartment once I had it unbolted. I guess I could have moved the whole fuel separator assembly (I took the filter off but still not enough room) but wasn't sure if I needed a new gasket. <BR> <BR>I ended up just taking the pump apart in the bilge itself and worming my way in there to do the work. I have a lot of busted knuckles but a new impeller is installed.

deuce 07-27-2009 7:29 PM

Change mine out at the start of every summer.....

yubasanger 07-28-2009 12:47 AM

Mercury recommends changing the impellor every 3 years or 100 hours what ever comes first. Not sure as to what Indmar recommends. These sorts of things such as belts and hoses are on the PREVENTATIVE maintenance schedule (i.e. supposed to change them before they fail and leave you stranded).

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