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hawk22 07-24-2009 12:42 AM

okay so I know not the most important thing, but I would like it to work. The pump didn't work when I got the boat. I would turn on the switch next the hot/cold knobs and it would turn on for a second then turn off. Checked fuses, all good, so we concluded bad pump. I just installed a new pump and the pump works now, light stays on, I can hear the pump running, but I never seem to get adequate pressure to the shower except right when I turn it on. It's like the water is built up when I turn it on and it will run perfect for about 10 seconds max, then it just sputters, seems like it's starved for water. It never really gains pressure again. ideas?

newty 07-24-2009 7:23 AM

You have the boat in the water with the motor running right? It won't work correctly unless your in the water. <BR>If so I would check all your inlet lines to the pump and make sure your shower line is clear.

cyclonecj 07-24-2009 7:36 AM

Make sure you have no bends or kinks restricting the water flow, very common problem and could cause the pump to fail.

snork 07-24-2009 8:26 AM

I had an in-line water filter that would clog from debris

bstroop 07-24-2009 8:55 AM

X2 on the filter clogging. I rode in an area that a little algae. It clogged up the strainer just before the spay nozzle. I hade to take it apart and clean it a few times a season.

hawk22 07-24-2009 9:38 AM

yeah, boats in water when running. I pulled apart the sprayer and cleaned it out. Where would this in-line water filter be? I just got done cleaning out the strainer on my transcooler cuz it clogged, and I cleaned out all lines up to the intake, so I guess it must be in the hot/cold line itself? I didn't see any kinks.

bstroop 07-24-2009 9:48 AM

I had one right inside the hot/cold manifold and one at the nozzle. Oops, I only mentioned the nozzle filter earlier.

newty 07-24-2009 10:55 AM

The shower control itself may be plugged. I would remove all the lines and blow through each one to make sure they are clear then do the same with the shower hose. Then do it with the hot/cold controller while opening and closing each valve. My money is on the valve assembly. I'll bet its got scale or rust in the fittings somewhere.

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