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koop 07-23-2009 11:02 AM

I'm new to wakesurfing....been out 4 times so far....pretty cool once you toss the rope! Now that I'm hooked I want to build the best wake possible on my boat.... I'm pretty sure I want fly high sacs with a tsunami pump, but I don't know how much weight I will need? The X2 fly high will fit perfectly in the rear locker but my concern is it's only 455lbs? I'm wondering if i'm better off getting 2 550lbs sacs one on the seat, one not completely filled in the rear locker? I can't seem to get a crisp lip on the wake.... tried varying boat speeds and wedge position with mls filled surf side, center filled and half full in bow tank. I'm 205 and ride a liquid force custom thruster... any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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