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biggris79 07-23-2009 5:13 AM

im looking at a x45 and i was wanting to know where everyone was putting their subs and if anyone had pics and has anyone put it under the drives side kick panel

pc_sledge 07-23-2009 7:29 AM

I've got the Factory location behind the drivers seat and an extra sealed enclosure that I keep under the passenger's seat storage area.

johnny_jr 07-23-2009 8:54 AM

We've made enclosures that fit behind the factory sub opening and the removed the sub and replaced it with a grill to vent the bass out of the compartment. Has worked great many times, plus takes up very little storage. 2 12" subs in a sealed enclosure will fit in that area in a custom made box.

talltigeguy 07-23-2009 11:37 AM

The electrical brains are located behind the driver's kick panel so installing a sub there is going to require more than most of us are willing to do, although it probably can be moved. I am as crazy as the next guy, but screwing with all those wires seems overwhelming. <BR> <BR>Johnny, <BR> <BR>Do you have any pics of that? I cannot imagine getting 2 12 inch subs in there. There was a guy on team talk who actually put the pieces of the box in there one at a time and built the sub box inside the compartment, because once built, you can't get it out, and there is not enough space to slide a single box in there. Maybe it just slid in that compartment under the seat next to the side of the hull?

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