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jiicon 07-21-2009 6:34 PM

02 Xstar or 06 TE MB triple up? have chance to buy either as my first boat.

wakereviews 07-22-2009 7:16 AM

Dan Smith has that boat... here is a pic of his wake with his setup <BR> <BR><a href="http://mbboatowners.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&amp;Itemid=2&amp;fu nc=view&amp;catid=2&amp;id=1367" target="_blank">http://mbboatowners.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&amp;Itemid=2&amp;fu nc=view&amp;catid=2&amp;id=1367</a>

chaser 07-22-2009 8:10 AM

I have an 02 X-star. The pictures in the link Onlyinboards posted are pretty nice. My boat seems to have a more vertical wake than the pictures of the MB. I don't normally run as much weight in my boat. About 1400-1500 lbs of ballast plus 3-5 people. I'm happy with my wake. If those boats are equally equipped and priced, hard to pass up the one that is four years newer. Might come down to what type of wake you prefer?

tampawake 07-22-2009 8:49 AM

I love my 02 X Star and you cant go wrong with the 205v hull. Between that hull and the old 210 hull people go nuts over them both. However your going to get more space inside the MB boat. Take that into consideration. Also depending on your area when it comes time to sell your boat it may be easier to sell the MC. I looked at a Sanger here in Florida and a big reason I did not buy it was because there is no sanger presence in Florida. If I lived in Cali I would have been WAY more open to it. Good luck.

psudy 07-22-2009 8:54 AM

Not sure what your needs are, but if it where up to me, I would go with the newer, bigger boat.

absoluteboarder 07-22-2009 9:52 AM

newer bigger,roomier...wrap around seating, mb for sure

xmarksthespot 07-22-2009 10:46 AM

i have the 01 x star and you cant beat the wake when its weighted..wouldnt trade it for anything! besides a newer one!

formfunction 07-22-2009 11:25 AM

Sometimes people ride in small groups in the middle of the week and have more use for a smaller boat thats better on gas.Some people go on the weekends and hangout with a ton of people and space is more of an issue than fuel.

bmartin 07-22-2009 11:43 AM

As much as I like the wake behind the X/205V, I would have to go with the much newer ride if price were the same.

jiicon 07-22-2009 1:01 PM

Ok so the prices are 27k for xstar 175hrs no speakers clean in and out. The mb is maybe 38k he hasent told me the hrs but fully loaded with 5k system. I really dont ever wont more then 6 people in the boat I want to be on the water 3 or more times a week. I wont to wakeboard not party. I figure if i get the xstar i use the extra money on a system, boards and other things i need,and still have cash left over. I dont know. Maybe because its my first boat should I go cheaper, due to first time errors and stuff like that. Thx guys

jiicon 07-22-2009 1:02 PM

O ya I really hate the teak swim deck can you get fiberglass ones for this xstar?

jiicon 07-22-2009 1:08 PM

One more question how is the wake on the xstar is it clean or washed out.

bmartin 07-22-2009 1:12 PM

Lots of boats come into play between 27 and 38, but I would be leaning towards the X if it is down to these two.

tampawake 07-22-2009 1:22 PM

You can get a fiber glass one. However they are expensive. I have teak and if you treat it like another part of cleaning and taking care of your boat its no big deal at all. Your deck will get abused by boards and with teak you just oil it and go on your way. You can also line X it or Rhino line it and never have to do anything to it again. Some people LOVE them some HATE them. I would not let that be a reason why you would not buy it.

polarbill 07-22-2009 1:27 PM

For your use the Xstar is the way to go. It is one of the best wakeboarding hulls on earth. There are a lot of people who swear by that hull just like the Nautique 210 hull.

jiicon 07-22-2009 2:36 PM

anyone got input on the xstar wake is it clean or washy? bout to go look at it right know

polarbill 07-22-2009 2:39 PM

If it is considered one of the best wakes of all time I would tend to think it is clean, big and hard as a rock when well weighted. I believe it is a smallish wake with stock ballast although it stays pretty clean.

jiicon 07-22-2009 2:46 PM


pureblue 07-22-2009 5:56 PM

lol Brett <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

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