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knuckledragger 07-21-2009 3:48 PM

I've owned a 1999 Maxum 1800SR 190HP V6 (Stainless Steel prop) for a while now. My friends and I are all wakeboarders and the boat is fine for casual boarding. I'm married now and my wife is a slalom skier. After getting up to speed, she tells me to trim up the prop to flatten out the wake. When I do this, the bow starts to hop very violently even on smooth water. It is like the boat is trying to take flight. It doesn't not do this if I am not pulling a skier, it trims just fine without the bow hop issue. I've asked around a bit and no one can tell me what I can do about this. I'm assuming it is because of the torque/angle of the prop and my boat being so small. Is there anything I can do to keep if from doing this? My wife refuses to ski behind my boat because she says the wake is too big when the prop is all the way down (not sure how the wake can be too big on a 18' boat but she says it is). Has anyone had this similar issue? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

behindtheboat 07-21-2009 7:22 PM

don't trim ALL the way up, just go in between and play with it. You can also get a foil (stingray looking device) to go on the stern drive, which supposedly help with planing, as well as help track at speed like what you're describing.

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