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wakeboardlasvegas 07-20-2009 7:29 PM

So 4 sets in and I already have issues. Just curious what people do to stop the extra part of the lacing on the boot that snaps on the back of the boot to stay there? <BR> <BR> Also, first set and i already lost one of the tightening parts at the top bracket? on the left boot and on the right boot the little disc that tghtens the bottom half of the boot is gone too. <BR> <BR> Any fixes or anyone else had these probs? I love the bindings but sheesh.. after 4 rides???

sidekicknicholas 07-20-2009 7:31 PM

My D2's have a hole in the back of the boot where you would stick your finger to pull it on, I take the lace and feed it through there.... it keeps it tucked away and short enough to not bounce around. <BR> <BR>... I don't know if the Floyds are different, I could call up Kyle at SS he'll have advice

wakebrdr38 07-20-2009 9:20 PM

they did away with the bottom tightener. Its really not needed. Mine broke as did everyones I think. For 09 they did not have one. Sounds like you got 08. The snaps dont really hold, Nick has the right idea though. SS had problems with over engineering in some areas for 07 and 08. Great boots though, everyone in my crew has either switched to them or is really wanting to.

lakemiltonwake08 07-21-2009 8:03 AM

I posted pretty much the same exact problem back in April/May. However you're in luck because Slingshot has excellent customer service so just give them a call.

ziggen 07-21-2009 8:14 AM

I cross the laces after tightening the bottom, the plastic piece has never popped out.

dirtysparks 07-21-2009 9:41 AM

They'll send you new cinchers....they sent me 4 of the same ones that cinch up the top.

jhilltn 07-21-2009 10:58 AM

just tie a slipnot

wakeboardlasvegas 07-21-2009 8:48 PM

I will definitely contact them.. hopefully they make it thru the weekend.

tracktor 07-22-2009 12:25 PM

My crew all rides Recoil/Floyd combo- <BR> <BR>We all prefer 08 Floyds over 09. <BR> <BR>The lock discs all fall out. We have replaced with generic tighteners from sporting good store. <BR> <BR>Keep an eye on the little white "locks" in the top lace spot. The metal keeper gets bent and they fall out. I glue/clamp them in for extra. <BR> <BR>For the back snaps thread the lace through either the brace loop or the hole on the back of the boot, then snap. Works like a charm. <BR> <BR>SS customer service is the best...............

jhilltn 07-22-2009 2:09 PM

if you don't know how to tie a slipknot, just put snowboard boot laces in it and tie it like a shoe.

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