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only about 4 - 5 feet 07-14-2001 10:56 PM

Hi, I have been riding for about 4 months or so, and I have become attached to wakeboarding. I ride a foam Belmont 134, and I have a fairly good sized wake. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get very high on my wake jumps when I go heelside ( only about 4 - 5 feet), and I can't seem to go far on my toeside jumps. I know that I am supposed to load the line, and keep edging through the wake and then straighten my legs at the crest of the wake, and I do try, but I never seem to get the type of height or distance that I am looking for. Does anybody have any tips on how to get better at jumping? I will sometimes get a big jump where I get a nice pop off the wake but I can not seem to get this to happen very often, so if anyone knows what I may be doing wrong, please reply. I'll take any tips, just please help me!!!! Oh yeah, I know I'm supposed to load the line but how do you do this???

tension 07-16-2001 8:15 AM

As far as 4-5 feet, that sounds pretty high. Loading the line comes from your progressive cut. As you edge harder toward the wake the resistance (tension) is built up between you and the boat. The most "load" should be as you reach the wake. As you straighten your legs at the top of the wake, remember to keep edging with your heels even through the release off the wake. This is what gives you that pop.

07-16-2001 6:35 PM

Thanks a lot!!! I will try it as soon as I wakeboard next.

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