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07-17-2009 9:46 PM

So thinking about this trick and havent really seen anything really explained about it on any of the instructionals (detention, book, etc). <BR> <BR>What are the basics to doing something like and indy shifty. Seems like a basic w2w with good line tension, and let go with indy hand and grab and let your lead hand go halfway to the side and out away from the body, almost half of a bs cuffed, and then pull the handle back to your centre front midsection.? <BR> <BR>Seems kinda strange and just want a bit to info to be able to mentally get it focussed before I get on the water. <BR> <BR>Cheers, J

garret_s 07-20-2009 11:50 AM

My approach on shifties has always been to approach the wake with even weight on both feet, maybe a little more on the front foot. MAKE SURE TO KEEP THE ROPE TIGHT TO YOUR HIP! Crucial for rope control. Take an approach like you would for a spin, but boot as hard as you can right at the peak of the wake (you NEED height). <BR> <BR>Look over your right (or left for goof) shoulder to start the shifty, and suck your knees up. I usually grab tail because I can use the leverage to poke the grab really hard. Make sure not to grab too early, or you will throw the trick off axis. Once you start your descent, pull the rope tight to your front hip, and look back to your opposite shoulder to bring the spin back around. Spot your landing. <BR> <BR>Post pics!

07-27-2009 9:29 AM

I always think about looking back to where I came from. Your hips and shoulders will follow your head.

stephan 08-10-2009 4:44 PM

If you really want to poke it out the best way to do it is use your approach to the wake. It's less about handle movement and more about release off the wake. Come in on a solid edge (it looks better going big) and really crouch down and prepare to explode up and through the wake. Like Scott said its all about head motion so off the wake look to where you came from and get a good grab, once you've given it a poke look to your landing. You will move the handle slightly to allow your body to twist. Its simple but once figured out is definitely one of the funnest tricks to do.

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