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tres0422 07-14-2009 5:14 PM

Hey guys, <BR> Looking at the two skates Blend vs the Mutiny TNT. Actually I am a big guy so I guess I would shoot for the lemmons between the Mutiny and Lemmons...RIGHT? I am an intermediate skater, 6'1 200lbs, and love the feel of the Hyperlite Sub6 for wakeboarding (Loose with lots of POP!) Which do you guys like. <BR> <BR>Tres

lffreak 07-14-2009 5:25 PM

I have the TNT and love it a LOT. ITs a great skate for everything. There is no such thing as a Muntiny TNT though.

briansskater 07-14-2009 7:18 PM

Hey Thomas, I would say if you can get a Mutiny over the Lemons then I would settle for the Mutiny. It cuts real good when on edge, it has good pop, its a good all around deck and just a bit more flexible than the Lemons. <BR>I have both of those decks and the Mutiny is my choice for sure. <BR> <BR>Its all in preference though, whats good for one may not be good for someone else. I have 4 Integrity decks and they all ride differentlY.

tres0422 07-15-2009 4:34 PM

Way to be nit picky clint. <BR> <BR>What is the benefit of a single vs a bi-level board?

wakemitch 07-17-2009 1:32 AM

for $400 the integrity is a MUCH better board then the blend. the blend is pretty whack for a bilevel

liquidplayground 08-23-2009 12:38 PM

All depends on what you like. I have rode and stock both in my shop. The Blend is heavier, slower, and rides really high on the water. I love bi levels since I feel the slower reacting ollie pop and flex in the tip and tail gives me added snap. I also like the way bi-level top decks roll a tad when on edge towards the wake(atleast the blend, cassettes, and Zariel). The Mutiny and Lemons are going to be quicker, looser, and react real quick as far as the speed of pop and the rotation of shuvs and flip tricks. The Integs construction methods, attention to detail, and durability cant be beat. All depends on what you like. Ride both and see for yourself if you can. Both are very distinct opposite styles. Hope this helps out.

daveronix199 08-30-2009 11:57 AM

i love my blend... So good on wake 2 wake tricks.. I love the pop and i love how loose it is... i give it a perfect 10.. im 6'2 210 and just surreal everytime!

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