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mcsammamish 06-18-2003 1:44 PM

I just bought a 4-trac and after being in the water for only one ride it has some bulging above the extra holes for the slider fins that run the length of the board. (about 4 inches on either side of the extra holes running parrallel with the board). I didn't notice them before I used the board and am told that the couse is carbon fiber inserts in the board that are causing to bulge like this. <BR> <BR>Is this BS or is it true?

mxracer 06-18-2003 3:21 PM

I'm no wakeskating expert but it sounds like bs to me. I would think its from not coating inside the holes enough or at all. The idea that the carbon fiber inserts are totally bs; carbon fiber won't expand.

mcsammamish 06-20-2003 1:34 PM

I just looked at another new one yesterday and it didn't have any bulging, so I'm thinking it is water and it's just the way it's penetrating the board.

turtle 06-22-2003 7:34 PM

I have one that is a week old, it is doing the same thing...plus the paint is bubbling???? <BR> <BR>I really like the way it rides!

mcsammamish 06-25-2003 1:13 PM

I heard that it is reinforced in that area because the board is thinner and it needs to be reinforced for the fins. I'm not sure what material thay use. <BR> <BR>It is a sweet board, I love it! It is a little harder to ollie than my last Cassette though.

turtle 06-25-2003 8:53 PM

Cassette is on top of my issue!

newrider 06-25-2003 9:00 PM

hey turtle can u help me

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