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jb06gravity 07-01-2009 9:11 AM

Hey every one, a good female friend of mine that rides w/ us asked me to find some more girls that like to ride to come out w/ us. We ride a Supra 24 SSV Gravity Games. Any one interested? We ride in South Eastern Wisconsin.

lizrd 07-01-2009 9:32 AM

I have some Saturday mornings or Sunday nights I can ride if you are looking for a third. I'm also around on Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights. I live 10 minutes from WI near Richmond, IL. I have a great friend who is also female who rides, too. You can contact us any time for a pull. I love Supras!

jb06gravity 07-02-2009 5:04 AM

Sounds good! What's your number, I'll call or text ya when we go out. My # is 414-218-4173. Still planning to ride tomorrow morning, wanna come?

lizrd 07-02-2009 7:25 AM

I appreciate the offer but we have the weekend planned on the Fox since it just re-opened. Jen and I head to Nationals in Oklahoma on Tuesday. We will be back Friday so Sat the 11th or any day thereafter might work. I texted you my cell #. Likewise we are putting together chick boats occasionally with my X-Star so if she ever wants to come to the Fox River she is welcome to ride with us, too. We get out awfully early though. What lake or river do you ride on? -Liz

jb06gravity 07-29-2009 7:18 AM

Hey Liz, when are you going to come up and ride? I hope you can make it before I leave for Florida!

push_girl 07-29-2009 2:05 PM

I live in Roscoe just south of the Wisco border and I'm always looking to ride with some other women and people. You can contact me if you are still looking.

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