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wswb4lfe 06-30-2009 10:13 PM

I've been doing kickflips(pretty much landed. On the board, sketch, then fall.) I was watching the book and decided to try a variel. IT worked out and im super close on those now. They seem ten times easier. The book sais there more natural and was wandering if it would be odd to earn variels first?

wake95kid 07-01-2009 3:09 PM

i had been thinking the same thing cause i cant get a kickflip wakeskating and i can land variels on a skateboard easier than i can a kickflip but ive never tried a variel on my wakeskate

wswb4lfe 07-01-2009 3:46 PM


wake95kid 07-01-2009 7:09 PM

is a variel easier?

wswb4lfe 07-01-2009 8:50 PM


bzager 08-09-2009 3:43 PM

i learned varial flips on my skateboard before i learned kickflips. I dont know how it would be on a wakeskate, but i assume if you can do pop shuvits pretty good, varials should be a problem cuz landing them would feel the same.

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