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j_money 06-27-2009 9:48 PM

is it just me or is it pretty FREAKING narrow?!?! Im comin off a LF Lyman 08 with 09 shanes and spacers... felt a lot wider and to be honest a lot better.... Just curious what others thought. THANKS!

lfrider92 06-28-2009 8:34 AM

i dont know anyhin about the marek, but i was told that the lyman board has a wider hole pattern then any other board, if i remember right, one hole in on the lyman on both boots is equal to most other boards, personally i like it all the way out. but thats just me

snowman89 06-28-2009 8:42 AM

According to wakeworlds board specs if you went from the lyman 143 to the marek 146 it would be 1 inch closer togerther and 1.5 inches if you went with the marek 141. So its def not as wide.

j_money 06-28-2009 9:08 AM

yeah i got the 146... I checked that out now to.... man thats kind of a bummer cause I knew something felt off... oh well Ill just get use to it. I heard someone say the obrien decade goes out to a 27 inch stance... thats AWESOME!!!!

stephan 06-28-2009 2:58 PM

The CWB boards have a real wide stance, the Transcend has a 25.75" for the 138 and a 26.5" for the 142. <BR> <BR>Wow! I just looked and the Marius does have a narrow stance! 24" for the 136 and 24.5" for the 142. How can we get our gangster lean on like that?!?!}

wakeslife 06-28-2009 3:08 PM

Pretty sure Big Heavy mean Marek^^ <BR> <BR>But yeah, with the boots all the way out on my 134 Marius, it felt like I was riding a wakeskate! Very short tip and tail ha. Definitely a fan of the wider stance options these days though...

stephan 06-28-2009 6:40 PM

Wow I did indeed mean Marek. Marius, Marek it's all the same right!

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