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mrdenial 06-25-2009 8:23 PM

This is for my friend. <BR> <BR>He has a 2005 Centurion Lightning C4. <BR> <BR>Speedometer works 5% of the time. The other 95% it shows zero MPH. Has the triple sensor pickup that does speed, water temp, and depth. Water temp and depth work 100% of the time. <BR> <BR>Check where the wires connect under the dash but not behind instrument cluster. <BR> <BR>Any pointers? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance.

krbaugh 06-25-2009 8:41 PM

Most likely that paddle wheel sensor has gone bad <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.centurioncrew.com" target="_blank">www.centurioncrew.com</a>

mrdenial 06-25-2009 8:54 PM

I appreciate the response. <BR> <BR>I didn't go to centurioncrew.com as I didn't really see this as a centurion specific issue. Was hoping to get as many responses as possible. =) <BR> <BR>So, I'm guessing that if it's the paddle wheel sensor, the entire deal needs to be replaced (speed,water,temp). And possibly the entire run of cabling that goes to the dash?

mrdenial 06-25-2009 9:33 PM

I went and got the part number. It's an Airmar intelligent tri part# 20-435-01. Does anyone know anything about this sensor or where to buy one? Possibly how to test it?

krbaugh 06-25-2009 10:21 PM

The obvious would be your Centurion dealer <BR>Short of that <BR><a href="http://airmartechnology.com/airmar2005/ex20/RMProducts/ElectCat.asp?ProdID=73&amp;Man=All&amp;PageNo=145" target="_blank">http://airmartechnology.com/airmar2005/ex20/RMProducts/ElectCat.asp?ProdID=73&amp;Man=All&amp;PageNo=145</a>

duramat 06-26-2009 8:28 AM

Dan, Ive been through this. replace your paddle wheel. A simple do it yourself project, or pay a fortune at the dealers and walk a little funny after that experience.

duramat 06-26-2009 8:31 AM

After getting it fixed, I recommend pulling the sensor out so you dont burn it up as your haulin down the road. or chipped from a rock being flipped up by wheels. Just remember to put it back in when your launching next time out.

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