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bzager 06-25-2009 3:02 PM

anybody here shoot any single 8 footage?

richd 06-25-2009 4:17 PM

Are you talking about 8mm video or super 8 film? <BR> <BR>8mm video kind of died before it even got started. It's basically a compact version spec-wise of VHS (which is a decent delivery format obviously) but a terrible acquisition format. It's not worth using, given the cost of modern HD or even modern DV equipment. Either of those is going to give you a many times superior final picture to 8mm.

bzager 06-25-2009 4:40 PM

single 8, like pre-1970's camera. I recently just inherited the camera so its not an issue if i cant use it. I was told to switch to super 8 if i am interested in shooting film. any tips or advice?

brinks 06-25-2009 7:50 PM

Are you talking super 8mm or regular 8mm film? You can still get cartridges for super 8mm and you can even get it processed at walgreens. But I don't think you can get regular 8mm anymore. You could always go the route of buying 16mm film and making your own 8mm. There used to be some tutorials online. Super 8 is really fun and gets some interesting results. Good luck.

bzager 06-25-2009 9:35 PM

damn, guess ima have to get a super 8, when you get the film processed whats that mean? (sorry if i sounds dumb)

brinks 06-26-2009 2:10 PM

When you send your film off it gets developed and sent back to you in the form of a positive roll of film. you can then send it of for telecine (transferred to mini-dv or whatever other format you need) but that costs more money. I actually like to take the roll of film and use a super 8 projector to project the film onto a screen or white sheet in a blacked out room. then I'll set up my camera on the tripod and film the screen. You can get all kinds of cool effects doing it this way. you can fill the whole frame or play with the zoom or both. You can pick a projector up from a thrift store or ebay for $10-$100+ just have to look around. good luck. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.super8camera.com/" target="_blank">http://www.super8camera.com/</a> <BR><a href="http://www.super8guy.com/" target="_blank">http://www.super8guy.com/</a> <BR> <BR>Projectors on ebay <BR><a href="http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&amp;_trksid=p3907.m38.l1311&amp;_nkw=su per+8+projector&amp;_sacat=See-All-Categories" target="_blank">http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&amp;_trksid=p3907.m38.l1311&amp;_nkw=su per+8+projector&amp;_sacat=See-All-Categories</a> <BR> <BR>Don't worry about sound. The don't process it anymore.

cali_rider 06-28-2009 2:34 PM

i wouldn't go anywhere besides pro8mm.com, but either way shooting film isnt cheap but fun. Didnt read it all, but its my two cents

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