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drknute3 06-25-2009 9:06 AM

I had a leak on one of my V drive sacs around the black fitting. The bag was less than a year old, but I had no proof of purchase and couldn't remember where I bought them. I sent it in to fly high to have it repaired, fully expecting to pay for it. 4 days later, I had a brand new sac sitting on my front porch, no charge. <BR> <BR>Thanks to fly high for going above and beyond. For all they knew, the sac could have been 5 years old.} Not that I would ever buy a different brand of ballast, but this pretty much solidifies it for me.

anodyne 06-25-2009 10:04 AM

Fly High is the watermark for all companies in our industry... Having dealt with them on both the customer and business end, I can say they're the best company I've ever dealt with. <BR> <BR>Great to hear they took care of you! Props to Fly High!

shredhead 06-25-2009 1:21 PM

Is Fly High owned by BFI, ie. mike?

slipknot 06-25-2009 1:30 PM

Mike Seipel the Legend! Just spoke with him the other day about changing out hard tanks to sacs, then bought the system and connectors, etc. Seamless!!!

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