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06-24-2009 10:05 PM

Just looking for pointers, going after these 2 tricks in the next few days, do raleys but cant seem to figure out how to carry that to grab and go sideways. Gonna try some wakeskate ones to toss it up sideways. for Batwings, should i think hard to the wake and punch off it like a raley and the board will snap up?? Thanks a head of time.

ryman32 06-25-2009 11:00 AM

The batwing is close to raley but with a little more finesse. Cut in hard all the way through the wake and when you pop you want to do it like the raley except you can't let snap back as fast and hard as a raley because it is more difficult to get the board back under you. It's a more smooth motion letting the board go back. The nice thing though is you can start small on letting the board go back and work your way up to a full batwing. A good way to get it to go out sideways is go for a nuke grab. You might not get the grab but go for it. Just send your back hand towards the nose of your board right when you pop. Hope that makes sense. This trik was far less painful to learn than the raley. I will say the batwing is definitely my favorite trick to do these days.

geoff_isringhausen 06-29-2009 9:58 AM

Don't think of the batwing and indy glide as raleys. THey are an extension or tweak of a grab hence a glide. Coming into the wake with the handle very tight on your waist is a must for both of these tricks, since you're going to need more leverage to pull the board back under you since you won't have your other hand on the handle. Get the grab before you throw the board behind you and you'll have a lot more success with these tricks. Focus on popping high above all else, more floaty tricks than a raley where you go balls to the wall at the wake.

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