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the_madness 06-24-2009 9:36 PM

Has anyone been up to Lake Mendocino lately? Are the ramps still in the water? Enough water to ride? Thinking of heading up this Saturday and hoping for less of a crowd than Lake Sonoma.

walt 06-25-2009 5:38 AM

Brad, <BR>I drive by it every week and it's low but it looks like both ramps are open.

the_madness 06-25-2009 7:42 AM

Thanks Walt.

sdmjr 06-25-2009 8:43 AM

I was riding that lake last week. The water is low but there is still plenty of water to ride.

beckycarter 06-25-2009 9:16 AM

I rode Mendo 3 times last week and then again yesterday evening, its not too bad at all. Plenty of water for riding. Both ramps are open. There have only been a handful of boats pulling riders during the evening. Weekends can get pretty hairy though especially when the weather gets hotter.

matteoh 06-25-2009 8:25 PM

Wait....When did the north ram open? I've been there twice this season and the north was closed both times.

walt 06-25-2009 8:46 PM

I just spoke with a Ukiah local. He wasn't sure about the north ramp but the south is open. He also said the water is coming up because of a state mandate.

wake_upppp 06-25-2009 8:51 PM

North ramp opened in early June and is expected to stay open at least thru 4th of July... <BR> <BR>(Message edited by wake_upppp on June 25, 2009)

the_madness 06-25-2009 9:44 PM

Thanks for the info everyone.

walt 06-29-2009 7:07 PM

North ramp is still open and looks like it will be for a while.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

beckycarter 06-29-2009 8:15 PM

Lake Mendo is still kickin' I'm hitting it up tomorrow let me know if you want a set!

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