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shanemulleryahoocom 06-24-2009 4:02 PM

there is one on the area for sale and was wonder if this was a decent boat to board behind???

mnwakerider 06-25-2009 8:06 AM

Shane, there are a bunch of us that rock the Tristars. Check out mine in my profile. Do a quick search of the boards and you will find quite a few threads that cover this question. <BR>John <BR><a href="mailto:John@waterskis.com">John@waterskis.co m</a>

snowboardcorey 06-25-2009 10:22 AM

I landed my first Tantrum and took my first surf set behind a TriStar!!! Thanks for the tow Hunter!!!

bboozer 06-26-2009 2:44 PM

It was my 1st inboard ('89) and it was great... I kept it for 7 years and then got a prostar 205... but it had 750 or 800 hours on it and never any trouble with it other than regular maintanence items

nwarhol1105 06-27-2009 2:39 PM

I love my Tristar. Throws an awesome wake with 1500 lbs plus people. The surf wake is killer too. Yesterday I jammed 11 people in there, thats my record so far. The bow rides super low, but as long as you know how to drive you'll be fine.

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