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family_deckhand 06-23-2009 12:51 PM

Planning to head up to Oroville over 4th weekend. Anyone been lately? How's the water level? Planing to RV camp. Will I have a problem launching with the RV? Anyone else heading to Oroville over the 4th weekend?

josh_butler 06-23-2009 2:07 PM

I have heard that the lake is pretty low, but what lake in California isnt. I went last year and the lake was dropping dramatically each month.

stewart 06-23-2009 3:13 PM

The Malibu Crew just had an event there last weekend. They said it was 85ft higher than last year. Currently it is sitting at 61%. <BR> <BR>You should be good for the 4th.

josh_butler 06-24-2009 9:54 AM

very nice, the 4th should be legit for you then, Oroville is one of the best lakes ive been on, enjoy!

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