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jacob23 06-19-2009 9:58 PM

hey i just bought the integrity bamboo RYan lemons wakeskate does any body know how it rides and is it a good board

ktm525 06-20-2009 6:42 AM

Hey Jacob, We talked to you last night. Did you really get it?

jacob23 06-20-2009 8:29 AM


lfrider92 06-20-2009 10:54 AM

how did you get it jacob? did you order it online?

briansskater 06-23-2009 4:52 PM

Hey Jacob, the Lemons rides pretty good. I really like it for w2w jumps. I am a little taller so the length is what I like about it. I also have the TNT bamboo (the tnt is loads of fun), a 05 Integ Team and the Mutiny. You cant go wrong with an Integ. <BR> <BR>If you search wakeskate.com you can pick up about any deck and some are in perfect condition. I ordered my Lemons from Integ and waited for 96 days until it reached my door.

jacob23 06-24-2009 7:18 PM

dude i hope mine doesn't take that long

nautiques210 06-26-2009 8:53 AM

I ordered mine just under two weeks ago and derek said it would only take around 2 weeks to get mine

wswb4lfe 06-29-2009 5:44 PM

He said the same to me. Took over a month.

lffreak 06-29-2009 9:45 PM

same here and mine took 6 weeks

nautiques210 06-30-2009 9:20 AM

Dam ya its been two weeks as of monday and i really want to get this skate but do they send you a conformation email when it gets shipped?

aarond0083 06-30-2009 11:24 AM

Mine took 6 days. I got lucky and ordered when they had one in stock ready to shipped. Love the board. W2W pop is crazy. Want to try a TNT to see how different they are.

wswb4lfe 06-30-2009 12:09 PM

Some people it takes like three months,but some people get there's in a couple days

nautiques210 06-30-2009 6:18 PM

I ordered the tnt but before i ordered i sent an email asking how long it would take and i was told two weeks but when i ordered the site said three, i was just asking because im getting anxious to ride this skate

jacob23 07-07-2009 2:35 PM

mine finally came last wednsday and it took just under two weeks to come

nautiques210 07-08-2009 7:41 AM

I ordered mine june 15th and still havent heard anything from them. Did they send you an email right before they shipped it to you? The only reason im asking this is because i live at my lake in the summer and dont have internet access up there and i come home maybe once a week and i just want to be here when my skate arrives.

jacob23 07-15-2009 3:54 PM

yeah they sent me a message and mine came in less than 2 weeks

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