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liquidforcefan 06-15-2009 7:44 AM

I have been capturing and editing some HD video I filmed with a Canon HV40 camera and I am having problems with the image quality. I filmed 24f for most of the footage and when I capture it and watch on the viewer the quality is fine, but when I edit it and watch my progress in the sequence, the image looks streaky, any suggestions?

iamnathanhudson 06-15-2009 6:46 PM

screenshots would help....streaky is kinda vague

richd 06-15-2009 6:49 PM

I think you're probably looking at a lorez preview. Do you see a green bar above the video timeline? Until you reconform it that's what you'll see. The viewer is the RAW footage and doesn't need rendering.

liquidforcefan 06-16-2009 8:44 AM

What is reconforming? Just Burning it to DVD or converting it to another format? Sorry about the screen shot I'll try to get one up

liquidforcefan 06-16-2009 8:55 AM

Here it is <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/87667/707231.png" alt="Upload">

liquidforcefan 06-16-2009 8:56 AM

That may be hard to see but its the biggest size I could get in

mikel_j 06-16-2009 9:06 PM

Does your footage look fine if you export a quicktime of the sequence? Does your sequence preset match your footage format? In a new timeline edit in a clip and final cut should ask if you want to convert the sequence to match the footage. Click yes and is the problem still there during playback?

liquidforcefan 06-18-2009 8:27 AM

It stays bad when I export to quicktime. I'll try what you told me, thanks.

wayz 06-18-2009 11:05 AM

Not sure what your exact issues are, but I had a fuzzy issue once after post production. I "deinterlaced" my entire video once I finished, and it worked good for me. Again, not sure if it's related to your issue, but it doesn't hurt to try. I believe the deinterlace is under the video filters tab. Good luck.

richd 06-18-2009 6:48 PM

That might help since most computer monitors don't display interlaced video properly.

liquidforcefan 06-23-2009 7:35 PM

thanks for all the help, fixed it

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