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powercorps 06-11-2009 9:56 AM

I wish I had a vid to post but i dont. I have been trying this trick for several years now quite persistantly but i cannot get it. I have three problems. First, even though i can clear both wakes pretty consistant toeside, when I go to backroll i usually case. The second problem is that when I clear the wakes and my board hits i continue to rotate and my board just slips right out from under me and i land on my back. Finally, I never land in the proper edging position with my chest facing away from the boat. Sometimes it is so bad that I almost spin a frontside 180, but I usually just spin 90 and end up facing the boat when I hit. Any suggestions to any of my problems would be appriciated

tripsw 06-11-2009 8:46 PM

First and second problem sound like you may throw it too hard, too fast, too early. Instead of trying to throw the roll let the progressive edge 'throw' it. Stand tall while edging and at take off. <BR>Third problem: maybe you're letting go with your front hand too soon? <BR>Just some thoughts, hope they help!

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