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goodtime 06-10-2003 6:55 PM

Only owned FORDs, just curious if anyone has any experiance towing with a Toyota Tundra V8, have an Air Nautique, just curious, thanks

todd_everton 06-10-2003 8:52 PM

no problem at all.I pull my Toyota Epic and it performs well.

av8tens 06-10-2003 9:34 PM

No problems pulling my 21ft Supreme, but it does drink the gas. I figure mileage drops to about 8-9MPG

midwest_boater 06-10-2003 9:45 PM

Only owned Toyotas, just curious if anyone has any experience towing with a Ford Diesel, have a Tige, just curious, thanks <BR> <BR>(Sorry! Couldn't resist! Joke between friends!) <BR> <BR>

hockeyruss 06-11-2003 6:04 AM

I have a friend that pulls a regal 23 foot deck boat with a tundra and has no problems. It is every bit as heavy as my VLX.

auto 06-11-2003 6:38 AM

I am ford f-250 psd supercrew 4x4. After riding with people that tow with half tons, I can't imagine towing with anything but a diesel 3/4 ton or above diesel. The torque, braking, cooling, ride, stability, and mileage just can't be beat with a half ton and gas engine, check the profile. I even got smoked by an expedition yesterday, it clipped my bumper rear quarter panel of the expedition destroyed, damage to the f-250, rub mark on bumper.

vortech347 06-11-2003 7:46 AM

It should pull fine but it will downshift a lot and rev the engine very high in the hills. <BR> <BR>I have owned 3 trucks since getting my Sport Nautique in 99. 2 F150's with 5.4 and a F250 PSD. While my current Supercrew 4x4 is very nice and tows well it still does not compare to my previous F250 when it comes to towing power and mileage. The brakes, ride and stability are pretty close since it weighs around 5,000 lbs. <BR> <BR>A Tundra will definitely feel your Nautique back there since they it is a lighter and shorter truck. Also, make sure you have trailer brakes if you tow with anything short of a 3/4 ton. <BR> <BR>IMO, the deciding factor on how much tow vehicle you buy depends on how far you tow and the terrain involved. If your like me and tow about 1 mile to the lake on most occasions and only rarely tow any real distances the 1/2 ton makes since. If you tow any real distances in hilly terrain and do it regularly, you owe it to yourself to look at a 3/4 ton diesel. It will pay for itself in mileage and resale in the long run.

str8jkt 06-11-2003 8:57 AM

I've pulled both my 25 LSV and my 24' enclosed car trailer with a Tundra no problem. Yes it eats gas but please tell us all wich one doesn't cuz we all want one. I'm not suggesting it pulls as well as the 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, but it is a 1/2 ton truck and does great, and is very nice to motor around in when not towing.

onealrep 06-11-2003 9:15 AM

My Tundra pulls my Sanger V 210 great. Steeper hills require dropping into second, but I can still cruise up these hills at 55 mph (in second, w/ 1000 rpm left to redline). As long as I stay below 65 mph (which in Cali, 55 is the limit), I still get 11-12 mpg.

h20jnky 06-11-2003 9:34 AM

My wife's Sequoia does just fine with the "pig" 22v.... <BR>But I prefer my F250 psd over her "mini-me" any day of the week! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

wakemonster 06-11-2003 9:55 AM

Hey, I am right there in the middle of the big decision process of whether to keep my 94 Silverado 1/2 ton or sell it hoping to find a 3/4 or 1 ton truck for little or no money out of my pocket. I like my Siverado alot and it's totally show room condition, however towing my Supreme is quite a chore for it on the hills. I know a new 383ci motor for it would probably help alot, but I just don't know if I should put any more money into the 1/2 ton...<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

goodtime 06-11-2003 12:50 PM

Thanks, i usally tow my boat about 20yards to the launch rap from our river house, but i do tow the boat 3x a year back to Corona from blythe, just making sure that the Toyo will do the job, yah a superduty diesel would be nice but i dont own a huge powerboat.

goodtime 06-11-2003 12:53 PM

ill wait for the superduty when i get my HTM cat, until than i have to find the most value packed(cheapest) river mobile i can. <BR> <BR>diesels are the best for towing hands down, nice and they are proving to be better for our environment compaired to gas trucks.

larsfh 06-11-2003 2:05 PM

I might be dense here, but what does 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton really mean? What are we weighting here?

bruce 06-13-2003 4:33 PM

I just towed my Super Air to Missouri with my Land Cruiser @7 mpg. Not a lot of accelleration, but handled it ok. Last Summer I pulled my boat and 3000# of Truck Camper and got 9 with my 2500HD. Quite a difference!

schoonie 06-24-2003 8:28 PM

Tundra - love it, but REALLY BAD turning radius! Very wide!

bob 06-25-2003 5:40 AM

?Did Todd say "cheapest" while he was referring to a toyota??

kraig 06-28-2003 11:59 PM

I've got 92,000 miles on my Tundra and still love driving it! I pull CASE skid-steer machines with it (about 8,000lbs in total) and it does just fine. I beat the hell out of it pulling all that weight and am still waiting for something to go wrong with it! It may not pull as well as a diesel, but find me an american truck with the same dependability!! I'm not here to offend anyone, but I am drawing on my experiences.

tlb 06-29-2003 8:50 AM

I've had my Tundra for a year and a half. Not a single problem. Used to tow an X-7 and now tow a SAN, I live at 4000 ft and am always going back and forth to the valley, it pulls up the hill at 60+. I know a diesel would pull better but I can't stand the noise and smell of them. I'd buy another Tundra for sure.

bambamski 06-29-2003 1:32 PM

John, <BR> <BR>I just bought a Ford Super duty crew with the new 6l diesel. We used to have a Yukon, the diffence is night and day, the Yukon is a piece of $&amp;^! compared to my new truck. <BR> <BR>I don't even notice the boat is behind me and I tow through the mountains all the time. When you can accelerate up the Rogers pass in the Cdn rockies and pass anyone you want you know you have a pretty good tow vehicle. <BR> <BR>Todd <BR> <BR>If you read the lemon aid books it is says the Tundra is so far ahead of the American made vehicles in its class it's almost lapping them. If I was in the market for a 1/2 I would have bought the Tundra. They were just too small for my liking though and interior room is half the size as my F350. If the interior isn't a big factor and you're not hauling kids around don't even bother with Ford GMC or Dodge. Just lift the offer on the Tundra.

auto 06-29-2003 7:06 PM

diesel's smell? diesel's are noisy??<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lame.gif" border=0> I guess I should sell the M3 because it smells when I brake and accelerate, and is a lot nosier than a toyota camry, oops I meant lexus. I gues the noise and smell of the PSD and M3 is something I will have to live with if I want power and peformance.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

texastbird 06-30-2003 9:24 AM

That 4V V8 probably does not make much low end torque. Nice for highway cruising hp, but not really the grunt you want on the ramp or the hills if you have a big boat. I'd take a big pushrod V8 or diesel. FWIW my tow vehicle is an 87 Eddie Baure Bronco with 351W V8.

goodtime 07-01-2003 9:05 PM

ive only had fords, id love to get a superduty, but towing a 21ft wakeboard bt would be an over kill, i just need something reliable that will do the job, the diesel will come when my fun boat comes

jlm 07-02-2003 7:53 AM

Due to unfortunate circumstances...(tired of being in debt) I sold my 96 Chevrolet Z-71 with 56K miles. I paid off my boat and bought a 90 Ford F-150 4x4 with 108K miles just to beat around in (got a state car to drive for work so I really don't need a nice truck sitting in my garage depreciating). Spent the money that I had ratholed to pay on my boat and traded in my 2000 4Runner on a 2003 4Runner Limited 4WD V-8. Kept my payment within $10. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm quite pleased with the V-8. Toyota has made such improvements from the 2000 to the 2003 that there is actually no comparison. Granted it doesn't tow as well as my Z-71 did but I only go about 6 miles to the water. It tows 100% better than the old 4Runner. The i-Force V-8 seems to be an excellent motor. (but then ask me in a few years.....) <BR> <BR>As for the Ford....the little 302 struggles with the Mastercraft behind it. Oh well, I guess I can't have everything.

vortech347 07-02-2003 9:01 AM

Yes but there are hundreds of aftermarket parts out there that could make that 302 an absolute beast if you felt so inclined. <BR> <BR>

jiving 07-04-2003 8:33 AM

You could tow a boat with a moped if you really wanted to. I get so tired of driving down the rode and waiting on all these people that have huge boats and pull with little tiny vehicles. If you want to buy fancy toys, do us all a favor and buy something that not only pulls it but can stop it as well.

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