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bbeach 06-10-2003 8:26 AM

I've been recently tailwalking my ski badly. To correct this I've moved my bindings forward to get more of the ski in the water. It feels much better, but I want to get even more in the water and get off the tail. What is the fin adjustment for this? Is it moving the fin down in front? I'm on a 2002 67 CDX with double Venoms. Obviously I know to make very small adjustments, just need to know which way to go with the fin. <BR>Thanks for any suggestions.

yooper 06-10-2003 9:37 AM

Yeah, if anyone has experience with this, I'd like to see a list of adjustments and what they are designed to do. Forward, back, up, down, etc.

06-10-2003 4:26 PM

To many unknowns to answer your question. How much do you weigh? At what speed do you ski. Are you right or left foot forward. Mostly when this happens you are not bending you knees. Go to about.com, select waterskiing slalom, type fin in the search box. there will be much help there. Also the water should break at you bindings.

canaday 06-10-2003 4:54 PM

Actually, when you move your bindings back on the ski it is easier to get more of the ski in the water. Something about leverage on the fulcrum point which is more at the tail of your ski, blah, blah, blah physics. I'll let you know about fin adjustments tonight when I can consult my handy KD manual.

06-12-2003 1:40 PM

I have a few articles on fin adjustments if folks need them. <BR> <BR>One is in great common terms. Back and deep = longer ski, more grip. Such like that.

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