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adambarry 06-04-2009 10:30 AM

Alright so yet again we have another raley thread being started. I've read enough to know how to do them but now I am wondering If I have the air to do them. I have a very agressive progressive edge. But I am riding stock weight at 65'. On average when I'm trying to land in flats I usually land 5-6 feet past the wake and a good 6 high (guessing not positive) I can jump over my cousin so its around there Is that big enough or do I have to huck 10+ feet past the wake to get enough airtime. To sum it up I'm asking do you need a ton of airtime for raleys or can you do them fairly quickly.. <BR>Ill post a video as soon as the storm clears and I can ride again.

06-04-2009 1:24 PM

you can do them quick although a big wake should be helpful. <BR> <BR>I saw guy last year doing them behind a direct drive ski boat with an extended pylon. I have no idea how much weight was in the boat but the wake looked mini. We got a pretty good kick out of it actually, the dude had no toeside but had raleys and backrolls.

adambarry 06-05-2009 1:25 AM

it seems like that would be something you would want to learn before throwing raleys but whatever. Its like people who learn ts r2r before normal rolls haha

westsidarider 06-16-2009 2:29 PM

No need to take this trick huge. I would go out and do a bunch of wake jumps. Practicing loading the line and making the line tension harder and harder as you go u to the wake. You will know when you have the correct edge when you feel like your going to be pulled forward when you leave the wake. For the actual raley attempt you want to start to let the boat pull you forward over your toes as you ride up the wake, if you do this before you ride up the wake your going to do a raley that is about a foot high and slam. once you get the edge right thats all there is to the trick. give the rope a little tug to your hips once your at your peak and your golden. just remember to load your cut evenly on both feet or you will end up stargazing or even possibly going into an uncontrolled s-bend

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